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    Frustrating Humidity Vol. 2

    You can try running a fan pointed at the ground. Humidity tends to settle lower and if you can get it to disperse a bit that might help.
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    Welcome. :)
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    Bear with me :)

    I would be concerned about the constant temperature fluctuations. My barn sits at around 55 degrees all winter. Their coats get thick as heck and they absolutely love it. My inside chins are around 64, on really cold days I'll turn the furnace up to 68 (not a heat fan) and they are less...
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    Advice on playtime and room setup?

    That's what makes life worth living for chinchillas - destroying everything! Cardboard is a cheap and fun way for them to do that. :)
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    Howdy Howdy!

    Welcome and thank you for researching before you buy! Too many chins are rehomed because people didn't learn about them beforehand.
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    Why does my chinchilla scream at night

    If she was in the wild, that would be warning the herd. They continue to have those instincts, regardless of whether there is a herd to warn or not! Anything and nothing can set them off, as Amethyst mentioned above. I just learned to tune it out.
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    I never used a carrier. I just picked them up and moved them. I would let them out one time a day - and you decide the time length depending on their health and behavior. These are the playpens I used -...
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    Why not? They can be out for much longer than 15 minutes. There is no hard and fast rule for time allowed out of a cage. It depends on the chin. If all they do is sleep (which I doubt would ever happen) then there's no point. If they run to the point of losing weight, then cut back...
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    The Debate On Playtime

    I think it depends entirely on you. I will share this from my own experience. I used to let every single one of my chins have playtime. I had 3 playpens with toys, houses, etc. and they would get an hour every other day. I set a timer and would rotate in and out on the hour (I used to work...
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    Recommended Hay

    What food do you feed? The general rule of thumb is, if you feed a timothy based pellet, feed alfalfa hay. If you feed an alfalfa-based pellet, feed timothy hay. You can also give other hays for treats.
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    Chin testicle larger than the other.

    If you haven't actually seen him licking it, then it's possible that it's just wet from his water or urine in the cage as Ann mentioned. No need to rush to the vet.
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    It might be easier to let them run in the bathroom. Most bathrooms can you can just close a door and let them go. Be sure there are no chemicals or toilet brushes or whatever on the floor and that the toilet lid is closed at all times. You might also want to look into a playpen when you have...
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    Chin testicle larger than the other.

    If he's been licking it, that's often a sign of pain. There is a thing called testicular torsion, where the spermatic cord gets twisted. I'm not a vet, just throwing out a possible to let you know things can go wrong in testicles. It may be completely normal, but the fact that he's been...
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    Are peppermint candles safe for chinchillas?

    I don't burn candles around any of my animals that might have respiratory struggles from them. My birds, chins, rats, and ferret. I'll burn them in the kitchen, but that's a whole house away.
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    Loose stool?

    If you think he's got squishy poops try pulling his pellets for a few days and giving nothing but good quality hay for him to eat, along with his fresh water. No treats, no supplement, nothing but hay for 3 days. If it doesn't straighten up, then you've got more of a problem than a simple diet...
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    Tail Chew

    Normally, chins don't chew their tails, so there is obviously something wrong. I think this would be a good time for a vet visit.
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    Large Lump on Leg (might be cancer)

    I'm going to recommend that you drop a line to Angie, at She's a vet at University of Pennsylvania, raises and breeds chins, and has helped me more times than I can count. I haven't talked to her in a while (thank goodness, no need!) but she's always happy to consult and...
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome! 😁
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    Medication question

    I'm assuming it's Baytril? Get some baby gas drops (Mylicon) and after you draw up the medication, draw up just a bit of the drops. It's usually bubblegum or grape-flavored and they love it. Also give something as a chaser. Baytril is disgusting. No chin wants to take it!
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    Moving (out of state) with chinchillas

    Definitely don't attach a water bottle. They will be soaked when they get there. Also, be sure they aren't in direct sunlight and provide hay for munching. I drive chins all over the place all the time. Mostly they just sleep!