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  1. oxchincerelyxo

    okay I swear I'm still alive!

    I just realized how long it's been since making a post. I've been so busy that aside from watching the site I haven't been very active on here! Update: All the chins are well...I found home for two of the three kits and have kept the runt. He is growing slowly but is still a healthy happy boy...
  2. oxchincerelyxo

    having seperation anxiety and they haven't even left yet!

    I was lucky enough to find a home for the female kit who was born to a rescue who recently came to me, and the people want to take the mom too! I know this is great, but I've become very fond of both girls. The girl is my favorite of the litter and the mom is really sweet. They'll be picked up...
  3. oxchincerelyxo

    portable a/c question

    I was looking into getting a free standing a/c for my apt. My a/c is on it's way out, and I want to be prepared for summer! Anyone have any suggestions?! thanks!
  4. oxchincerelyxo

    a little color questions and some more pics!

    on Good Friday my rescue has 3 kits, two boys and one female. She had one standard and two beige, but I'm a little confused about the beige babies. They're so different in color! The father was standard (I'm guessing since she is beige) and the mother is hetero beige. Are both the babies just...
  5. oxchincerelyxo

    new kits!

    A rescue I took in was pregnant. Yesterday at about 10:15 in the morning, she had 3 kits! they have all been feeding and seem very healthy! The smallest is 42 grams, the middle 47grams and largest 48 grams. Here are some pics! Enjoy!!!
  6. oxchincerelyxo

    "quick" slow cooker/crock pot recipes?

    I'm looking for a crock pot recipes, would prefer a chicken dish, that takes about 4 hours. Any ideas? I just got this for my birthday and can't wait to try it out!!! Thanks!
  7. oxchincerelyxo

    weight question

    I took in a rescue who's history was unknown by owner (not really owner, chin was left behind in an apt when tenants moved out her the owner couldn't get a hold of the people) about 2 months ago. When she came to me she seemed to be in pretty good shape over all, and has done well since I've...
  8. oxchincerelyxo

    New Pics and my long needed "Hello"

    Hey everyone! I've been sooooo busy with the holidays and moving into a new apt that I've been mia for a bit...Thought I'd let everyone know I'm not dead and post some pics I took of the chins I took with my new camera! Lena Sambuca Sambuca again Stolie KnakKnak
  9. oxchincerelyxo

    Please help! Need advice!

    Yesterday morning I noticed Stolie acting a bit off. I put him in my smaller cage on paper towels to monitor him and called my vet to make an appointment. She said the earliest she could get us in would be today after three. Wed is usually their surgery day but they could open a spot for me...
  10. oxchincerelyxo

    and Cancer strikes again

    I usually don't post in this section, but I really have no one else to turn to. I kinda just need to vent so my head doesn't explode... A few months ago, my grandfather was told he has cancer. They found it where his throat meets his stomach. It was a really hard time for my whole family...he...
  11. oxchincerelyxo

    Trying to prepare

    So a girl I took in not too long ago was housed with a male. I'm guessing that there is at least a great chance she is pregnant, because she has put on quite some weight in the time I've had her...and keeps doing so. I have a baby safe cage ready and her in it, but I was wondering if/when I...
  12. oxchincerelyxo

    so kinda freaking out-dental issues

    So I (having horrible insurance as a kid-therefore having horrible dentists as a kid) and terrified of the dentist. I have a cavity on my back molar and am going to the dentist tomorrow for a consultation (sp?) and them making an appt. for next Friday. But I'm now worried I might need a root...
  13. oxchincerelyxo

    new rescue most likely due to deliver...

    So I was just contacted by my vet that there was a girl calling looking for someone to give up her chinchilla to. I give her a call and go to pick up the beige girl. She is actually in pretty good condition, on panr and good hay, but HAS BEEN HOUSED WITH A MALE FOR THE PAST 2 MONTHS! She bought...
  14. oxchincerelyxo

    constant hair rings

    So Stolie, my 8 yr old male, has never had issues with hair rings. Even when he was caged with Sambuca he never had any issues. Now all of a sudden-he is having hair rings. I don't mean like every few weeks or months, as in I have to check daily because every other time I look he has one. I have...
  15. oxchincerelyxo

    RIP Heiney

    Last night I worked till 11, checked on everyone before I went to work and when I came home did the same. I noticed that Heiney just looked a bit off, so I took her out to make sure she was okay and as soon as I did I knew she was far from okay. She wasn't even trying to move or run at all...
  16. oxchincerelyxo

    Final pics of my side tattoo!

    up close I have to go back to get the skull touched up, this was the second sitting for the color. A total of 8 hours! Hope you all like!
  17. oxchincerelyxo

    Evacuation help

    Due to the Jesuita Fire, I might be evacuated. I have cages and emergency kits set up, but I have two rescues with me right now that I've kept separate from my pets. If I have to leave and go to a hotel, I won't be able to keep them totally separate (but do have enough travel cages for all to be...
  18. oxchincerelyxo

    drooling and snots

    I was doing my check today and noticed that Heiney's chest was a little bit wetter (she got sprayed badly a few days ago and her fur was still a little funny from it) so I burritoed her to get a good look at her teeth/mouth. She has a thickish "flem" like substance coming from her nose and...
  19. oxchincerelyxo

    I have the best mom in the world...p.s. thanks gella

    I just got a package sent from my mom and I open it to find.... a giant cupcake!!! My mom knew I was in love with the cupcake from Gella and got it for me as an early easter gift. It's different colors than on the website...I'll post pics tonight when I get home (I'm at work right now)...
  20. oxchincerelyxo

    I think Sammy has Malo...

    So I noticed that my boy Sambuca was loosing a bit of weight (8g in 2 months) and that he started crumbling his food...and has watery eyes. So I took him into the vet to have him tested for a few things...malo being one of them. The vet couldn't find any gas or eye infection, said that his...