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  1. Nancy

    Waylon, my beautiful Texas Tumbleweed

    My beautiful Waylon crossed the bridge yesterday morning sometime between 8 and 9:30. It has been an emotional few days as I willed him to get better. I had the sick feeling since Tuesday that he would not make it. Two weeks ago yesterday Waylon was at the vet because he had started sleeping in...
  2. Nancy

    My beautiful big Yuri

    Last evening I found by beautiful big man Yuri had passed away sometime during the day. It was very sudden and was a shock. He was fine in the morning and I had him out talking to him and told him it was bath night tonight. As is typical with Yuri's bath night, I left him for last. We...
  3. Nancy

    Snuggle safe warning

    I have also posted this in the hedgie section because these are very commonly used with hedgehogs. I thought I'd also post here to catch those that use them for other animals or people. The following was posted on HHC about a snuggle safe incident...
  4. Nancy

    Snuggle safe warning

    The following was posted on HHC about a snuggle safe incident. http://hedgehogcentral.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=8598&p=72892#p72892 This is the second one I have heard of so any of you who use snuggle safes, be careful.
  5. Nancy

    Ipod Touch 4

    I recently bought an Ipod Touch 4 and it has given me nothing but frustration to the point that I'm almost wondering if it is defective. First problem is the online users manual that I want to download to my laptop says "file is damaged and could not be repaired". The one through the ipod...
  6. Nancy

    Eastern States Hedgehog Show 2010

    :hedgie3: Presented By The Hedgehog Welfare Society :hedgie3: http://www.hedgehogshow.com When? June 25-27, 2010 Where? Orlando, Florida Who is invited? Everyone! :hedgie4: The website is now up, updates coming soon!
  7. Nancy


    After much looking I found my first pedigreed female and male. Her first litter was cannibalized. This was devastating as I was so excited about our first litter. Luckily mom was ok. Months later we tried again. This time she delivered 7 tiny dead babies that were born too early. She lost an...
  8. Nancy

    Win 7 frustration

    I recently upgraded to Win 7 and am ready to get rid of it. I am computer illiterate so don't know if I'm the problem or win7. Some of my programs tell me I have to install while logged in as administrator. Well I am yet they still don't work. Every time I try to start the program it...
  9. Nancy

    Chinchilla day commercial

    If this has already been posted on the chin side, I apologize. What a dumb commercial. I saw it for the first time today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hDg3yzGV7M
  10. Nancy

    Hedgie things at Target

    Geez, I wish Target was in Canada, I'd have a couple of these blankets. http://www.target.com/DwellStudio-Target-Blanket-Blue-Hedgehogs/dp/B0025ZV5V6/sr=1-7/qid=1254585932/ref=sr_1_7/188-4309894-4209732?ie=UTF8&search-alias=tgt-index&frombrowse=0&index=target&rh=k%3Ahedgehog&page=1 Scroll...
  11. Nancy


    On the weekend I got an email from a woman looking for a hedgehog rescue. The hedgehog had been seized during a raid on a house and 'she' was living in horrible conditions and owned by a 17 year old druggie. The woman contacting me was going to keep her but felt she was far to unsocial for...
  12. Nancy

    Choking, what to do

    First of all, DON'T Panic. Quietly watch and see exactly what is happening. Is he choking because there is a piece of food in the roof of his mouth? If so, quite often they gag sometimes to the point of vomiting to try and loosen it. As long as the hedgehog is able to breath on his own, quietly...
  13. Nancy

    Eastern States Hedgehog Show

    Less than three months until the Eastern States Hedgehog Show!!! Join us in Schoharie, NY for the weekend of June 26-28, OR, just for the Main Events on June 27. This will be a special day including and IHA-sanctioned conformation show, "Schoharie Skirmish" sporting event, Hedgehog Costume...
  14. Nancy


    Truffles 2004,06,16 - 2009,03,24 It's bad enough to loose one but these days we seem to be loosing two at a time. Truffles and Starla went paw in paw across the bridge today. Truffles came to me at 4 months old when her breeder had to re-home his hedgehogs because of severe allergies...
  15. Nancy


    Starla 2006 - 2009,03,24 Starla went on her final trip today. She flew all the way across Canada from Vancouver, BC to me this past December. Her former mom could no longer keep her hedgehogs and could find nobody there she trusted so the girls came to me. Starla had a rough life before...
  16. Nancy


    Abigail 2004,11,20 - 2009,03,10 My beautiful Abby. My girl who loved to chew on my clothes and annoint. I was supposed to be ready for her because she would just throw herself back to annoint trusting me to make sure she didn't roll off. She never did but the first few times she did it, she...
  17. Nancy


    2005 ? - 2009,03,10 Muffin came to live here last year as a re-home. She'd had numerous homes during her life and her last owners thought she was 3.5 at the time. She was very obviously an elder hog and I'm guessing she was older than they thought. Muffin was a sweetheart and a very neat...
  18. Nancy

    Miki meets golf ball

    Last night, apparently Miki discovered a golf ball. There has been a golf ball in the play area every time she has been out but for some reason, she never paid much attention before. Rather than walk around it, she HAD to go over it. She got stuck. She would lift one back leg and...
  19. Nancy

    Things toxic and dangerous to hedgehogs

    I'm starting a thread for things that are toxic and dangerous to hedgehogs. Once everyone writes what they want, I'll compile it into a FAQ. Grapes - are toxic to most small animals including hedgehogs. They cause renal, liver and organ failure. Raisins - are not only toxic but can get...
  20. Nancy


    2006,08,19 - 2009,02,24 On Tuesday we said goodbye to our first loss of 2009. Tessie and her mom Ellie came to me as rehomes. Ellie was bought from a petstore and a few weeks later delivered 3 babies, one of whom was Tessie. Their original mom was going off to university and could not keep...