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  1. SilverHedgie

    Same Room?

    Hello all. I was cheering myself up earlier by looking at hedgie pictures and a thought struck me - can you house a male hedgehog and a female hedgehog in the same room? I know that the same cage is a bad idea, but what about in separate cages in the same room? Not an overly urgent question...
  2. SilverHedgie

    One door closes; Another opens

    You may be aware that my baby and first hedgie, Watson, passed away just recently. While I miss him terribly, I believe it was a good thing as it allowed a little girl to find a new home. 1 year old Harriet Marmalade was in need of rehoming as her previous mommy didn't feel she could give her...
  3. SilverHedgie

    Good Night, My Sweet Prince

    Hi everyone. This is just a notice and a thank you. Tonight my baby boy, Jawn Watson, died. I thank god that he went in his sleep and that he didn't suffer. Still, it came as a shock to me. I didn't even have him a full year, and while I was his fourth home and he was at least 3 years old, I...
  4. SilverHedgie

    Worried about my little boy... He's wobbling

    I feel like a really bad hedgie owner because I noticed about a month ago that my little Watson had a bit of a wobble to his walk. I did all the research I could and nothing really turn up, apart from WHS and maybe an ear infection. At the time, it didn't seem like something I should be to...
  5. SilverHedgie

    One Month Mark

    On the 23 of October, I adopted my first hedgehog, Watson. It's been quite the adventure, but I must say that it's been a really enjoyable one. First, I just want to tell you something about myself. I never thought I would own a pet. Don't get me wrong, I love animals, but I never thought I...
  6. SilverHedgie

    Quill Question

    Nothing urgent, but I was just wondering - What is a normal mount of quills for a hedgie to lose, say, in a one month period? I know it's normal to lose some quills, I'm just curious what is considered average. Thanks!
  7. SilverHedgie

    Sleeping Patterns?

    I've noticed with Watson that he isn't strictly nocturnal. He seems to be awake for a few hours, then asleep for a few hours, the repeat. I've caught him a wake at all hours of the day and night. However, i have noticed he has a pattern (ex. He's awake at 5pm, goes back to sleep at 7, wakes up...
  8. SilverHedgie

    Changing Wheels

    Hi everyone. Watson's old wheel sustained some damage (it still works but it could cause some harm to him but I've taped it up for now) so I bought him a new one. It's completely different from his old wheel and I'm worried he won't want to use it. Are my fears completely un based or is this a...
  9. SilverHedgie

    Play Time?

    Hi Everyone! So I was wondering what you all do for play time with your hedgies? I'm looking for some ideas to try with Watson as he seems to only really enjoy hiding under a blanket during play time. Thanks in advance!
  10. SilverHedgie

    My New Boy!

    Hi everyone! I would like you to meet Watson. Watson is about 2 years old (I'm his third mommy) and is very friendly! He wasn't to happy about being woken up at first, but after a minute he was up and exploring! I already love him to bits!
  11. SilverHedgie

    Best bedding?

    Looking at getting a hedgie and just curious what you recommend as a bedding? I've read about fleece, carefresh and even aspen shavings, but I want to know from those who actually use them what works best. Thanks for the help!
  12. SilverHedgie

    Boy or Girl?

    Ok, so I'm thinking of getting a hedgehog. As a first time hedgehog owner my question is, should I get a male or a female? Is there any difference? Anything I should be aware of from one gender or the other? Any help is much apperciate! :)
  13. SilverHedgie


    Hi there! I'm really interested in getting a hedgehog. I joined this forum to learn more about them so that I know exactly what I'm getting into before I decide to buy one. Any tips you can give me would be much appreciated! I've wanted a hedgehog since I was a little girl, when my aunt and...