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    Unexplained Weight loss

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced a heavier chin loosing weight on their own without illness? My vet said my chin seems healthy, but she keeps loosing weight. She is a little on the heavier side so it could be a good thing. My concern is why is she loosing weight? There have been no diet...
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    Ate plastic

    I feel like a terrible chin mom. Two days ago Tiquita ate the clicky top of a pen. I gave her some gas drops as a precaution thinking, it might help in case trying to pass the plastic caused gas. Well, she bit the tip of the syringe off yesterday! She's still eating and acting normally. I was...
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    Chipped tooth

    Last night at play time, Tiquita and Talia got in a fight. While running, Tiquita ran into a shelf I had leaning against a wall (I was cleaning their cage). She immediately began pawing at her mouth. Upon inspection, I found she chipped one of her bottom front teeth. I can bring her in tomorrow...
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    Peeing on Fleece

    I have four beautiful 7 year old girls. About a year ago i moved them to two Ferret Nation cages. I have been having issues with messy butts ever since =/ As you know, the shelves are plastic and must be covered in fleece. I have heard of many people allowing their chins to pee on fleece and...
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    New Oxbow

    So, i'm sure most of you know that Oxbow has recently changed their Chinchilla pellets packaging. The ingredients changed a little. They've added Calcium Carbonate (8th ingredient), Sodium Bentonite (10th ingredient) & Copper Proteinate (26th ingredient) and removed Ferrous Sulfate and Selenium...
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    Can humans get chins sick?

    Does anybody know if humans can pass their illness onto chins? I feel a possible cold coming on and am weary of being around my girls out of fear of getting them sick.
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    Dead grasshopper in hay

    I found a dead squished grass hopper in my hay. I'm already half way through the box. Is it safe to continue giving to my chinchillas? I'm thinking it's not a big deal, but would like some opinions before giving anymore of the hay to my chins. Thank you.
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    Chin sitting

    My neighbors (a married couple) have agreed to give the chins fresh hay while we are away for 4 days. I don't know how much money i should offer them. Does anyone have any input on this? Also, my chins have never gone more than two days without out of cage time. I'm a little concerned about them...
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    Temp vs. Humidity

    I have been having issues balancing temp and humidity in the chin room. The issue only occurs at night. I use an AC and Dehumidifier. During the day, the temp is between 63-66 and humidity 47-50%. I do not adjust the settings on either the AC or Dehumidifier, but some mornings ill wake up and...
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    ate plastic :(

    I have recently joined the feet nation band wagon. I have the plastic covered with fleece, but my chin pulled up the fleece and chewed the plastic shelf. I will keep a close eye on her in case it causes a blockade. What should I be looking for? Is there anything I should do besides watching...
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    peeing on fleece

    Hello everyone, I recently upgraded to FN cages. I have 2 separate double units. I use aspen bedding. Since switching to the FN all but one of them are peeing on the fleece instead of the bedding. It is causing them to get fur stained bottoms and they're butts are wet when they pee on fleece...
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    urine drinking

    Should I be concerned if my chinchilla tries to drink her urine? She is recovering from a spay so I have her on fleece in a small cage. I just witnessed her pee and immediately beginning licking it as if she needed to clean it before it soaked in. Is this a sign of illness or could she just be...
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    waddling after spay

    Talia was spayed yesterday. She came home last night and has barely moved from the corner except to pee and once to eat a few pellets. When she walks she actually walks, one foot then the other. Not like a normal movement. I've had two prior spays and they both had to stay over night and cane...
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    a lot of clear discharge

    My chin had a large amount of discharge (looked like she peed on her shelf) but it is clear and does not smell. My vet is out until Sunday. The best closest vet won't be open until 8am tomorrow and I've never been there and don't know how often the chinchilla vet is in. I have a number for...
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    clear discharge

    My chin had a large amount of discharge (looked like she peed on her shelf) but it is clear and does not smell. My vet is out until Sunday. The best closest vet won't be open until 8am tomorrow and I've never been there and don't know how often the chinchilla vet is in. I have a number for...
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    Bond lost after surgery

    Tinker and Tainga had a strong bond and had been cage mates for 5 years. Tainga had to be spayed about a month ago and i had her in a small cage, next to Tinker's, to restrict her activity. After a week she was allowed to play. I started out slowly. Giving her 15 minutes in a small space with...
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    critical care

    How do you recommend weaning a chin off critical care? How can you tell when a chin is ready to come off critical care? My chin was spayed Tuesday and hasn't been eating on her own (at least not enough to notice). I'm giving her 1/2tablespoon (before adding water) of CC every four hours. She...
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    Too much water?

    My chin was spayed Tuesday and came home yesterday. She is alert and active (trying her hardest to get out any time i open the cage). She is on .34ml of Baytril every 12hrs and .4 ml Metacam every 24hrs. She is only eating a few bites on her own so i am syringe feeding CC mixed with Probiotics...
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    baytril dosage

    I had to take a chin to an emergency vet I've never seen before. I am always weary of other vets and he did say he's no chin expert. She was put on baytril 22.7 mg/ml. She is to take .32 cc twice a day. Does this sound right for a 746g chin? Extra info: They have her first dose as an injection...
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    bag balm

    Is this the bag balm I hear so much about on the forum? Those ingredients sound scary so, I just want to make sure I have the right one before I buy it. My chins feet are getting really dry. They seem to be bothering her alot tonight. I usually use Vaseline, but that's clearly not enough. Thank you!