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    Do chinchillas need fleece?

    Hi, so my chinchilla's cage currently has pine shavings on the base floor of the cage and then the shelves and ledges are either wood or fleece. I am purchasing a critter nation cage and I am planning on buying the bass equipment metal pans. But I'm not sure whether I should get the pans for the...
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    Fleece liners

    So I am thinking about transitioning to fleece liners as a way to save money/produce less waste. I’m just worried about if they smell/how absorbent they are. I’ve seen some people use small baking dishes with some bedding as the area for their chinchilla to pee in. I’ve also heard of people...
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    Can Apple Sticks Go Bad?

    So I bought my chinchilla a pound of apple sticks about 3-4 weeks ago. I’m almost at the end of the bag but I noticed one of the sticks had this white stuff on it and looked different than the others. I threw it out and inspected the bag but didn’t find any others like that. Do apple sticks go...
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    Chinchilla making weird noises

    So I've had my chinchilla for a little over a month and she's around 2 years old. She's super social and friendly and I've never really heard her bark or make much noise. Well tonight I heard her making these strange noises, almost like a soft "honking"? She's been eating and pooping regularly...
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    Silver Surfer or Flying Saucer

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on a chinchilla wheel, specifically the silver surfer or flying saucer? Both are within my price range but I'm not sure which is best suited for my chinchilla. I would prefer a wheel/saucer that is pretty quiet just because I live in a small...
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    Used Ferret Nation Cage

    So I found a great deal for a used ferret nation cage on Craigslist. It seems to be in good condition and I’m going to go check it out later this week. I guess I just wanted to make sure it was safe to move my chinchilla into a used cage. I’ll definitely be cleaning it thoroughly before moving...
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    Prevue Pet Products Cage?

    So I am currently saving up for a new cage for my chinchilla. Currently she is in the cage that the person I adopted her from provided. It's a decent cage and has a good amount of height to it but I would love to get her a critter nation in the next few months. I stumbled upon this cage at...
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    Chinchilla nibbles

    So I adopted my chinchilla a few weeks ago and so far she’s been great. As I let her get acclimated to her new home I noticed that she’s pretty social. When I would go to feed her/clean her cage she’d always come to me and wasn’t afraid. I’ve recently started petting her a little bit in the...
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    Chinchilla Store

    Does anyone have a favorite online store to order their supplies and toys from? I've found a few online that look good and would like to check out. Just looking to see if there are more out there. I live in the U.S. by the way.
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    Chinchilla Toys

    Hi, I was just wondering how often you guys give your chinchillas new toys? My chinchilla loves to chew the bark off the sticks I give her and some other small things I give regularly. I have 3 large, hanging chew toys in her cage as well that she only chews rarely. I add new, small toys every...
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    Rose hip consumption

    Hi, I was just wondering if I should limit how many rose hips I feed my chinchilla. I currently give them about 5-6 of the small, crushed rose hips per day. I know that their digestive systems are sensitive and I don’t want to overdo anything. Rose hips are also the only treat my chinchilla...
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    Chin prefers pellets over hay

    Hey guys, I'm a relatively new chinchilla owner so I just wanna make sure I'm doing things right. So basically my chinchilla seems to be just favoring eating her pellets way more than the hay. I read the hay makes up like 70% of their diet so I've always made sure she has plenty of hay in her...
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    Liner for Cage Ledges

    Hey guys, so I just adopted a chinchilla from someone who was moving and they gave me her cage as well. Her cage as three built in ledges which is great but they're metal wire so I need to cover them with fleece so that they're not too hard on her feet. I know you can buy fleece liners from etsy...
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    Fluff bedding or Fleece LIner

    Hi, so I am hoping to get a pet Chinchilla soon, but I want to have the cage super prepared first. I've seen these wooden ledges and steps sold on Amazon and thought they looked like a great addition to the cage. I've also seen some people cover the wood with fleece liners. Also, I've noticed...
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    Affordable wheel for chinchilla

    Hi, so I am hoping to get a chinchilla soon and I know a wheel is a must. However, I’m having trouble finding one for an affordable price. Everyone raves about the Chin Spin but that retails for $120 and I just can’t afford that right now on top of buying everything else for the chinchilla. I’d...
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    Do Chinchilla's smell bad?

    Hi, I am interested in owning a chinchilla but I am worried about how much the cage would smell. I know if I keep it clean it shouldn't be too bad but I'm more worried about how much the hay will smell that I feed it. Does anyone know if the hay smell is extremely strong for a chinchilla?