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  1. Devynthecatwithsocks

    Wood ladders

    yes! This is what i was looking around for. Thank you!
  2. Devynthecatwithsocks

    Selling my two chinchillas, California

    I live in Ventura County. Can you direct message me your exact location?
  3. Devynthecatwithsocks

    Wood ladders

    Hi I am adding a third level to my chins cage and wanted to make the top primarily ledges and hanging house and cuddle tubes and hammocks and just fill it with items like that. I went online to gather design ideas and saw a lot of long wooden ladders that go from one side of the cage to the...
  4. Devynthecatwithsocks

    Heat wave coming and instructed to not use AC

    Im also putting ice in her water and refreshing it once it gets room temp
  5. Devynthecatwithsocks

    Heat wave coming and instructed to not use AC

    Yeah I'm keeping her in a dark room and using the ac anyway. I did have an idea tho. I have pillow case style fleece now so what if i put icepack in the top layer of the fleece, therefore preventing her from chewing on it and since the fleece would absorb the the water when it melts, she wont...
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    Heat wave coming and instructed to not use AC

    Hi this weekend its going to get up to 110 degrees and all of our county has been instructed to not use the AC as the system may get overloaded and break. I was planning to keep her in a dark cool room and put her tile in the freezer and alternate them as well as glasses of ice. What else can i...
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    Keeping chinchillas cool

    yeah with addition to the a/c. Someone recommended to get a mason jar and fill it half way with water and freeze it and then wrapt fleece around it and stick it in her cage. I will defiantly try the ice pack thing and do u mind sending me the diy?
  8. Devynthecatwithsocks

    Keeping chinchillas cool

    Besides keeping the a/c running wat are some other ways to keep my chinchilla cool during the summer. I have a lot of granite slabs in her cage that she lays on a lot but rn California is in a state of emergency due to heat and fires. I keep her water cold and provide plenty of it. What are some...
  9. Devynthecatwithsocks

    Chin cookies

    I would check out TJ's chins. He sells homemade chin cookies. http://tjschinchillasupplies.com/chinchillatreats.html
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    Chinchilla supply websites

    I reccomend TJ's chins, Rhonda's Chis, and AZ chins. AZ chins is my personal favorite.
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    TJ's chins has a good price for kiwi sticks. You can check out Rhondas chins as well. http://tjschinchillasupplies.com/chinchilla%20wood%20chews.html
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    Can chinchillas be clicker trained?

    Mine isnt clicker trained but she does know some tricks like walk (walk on two legs) kiss, high five, come, back to cage, spin, and hop up (hop onto shoulder or ledge that i point to). It probably can be done but i would use its dinner as a reward. When i do training its usually crushed rose...
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    Rescues or breeder in Southern California

    Hi Ya'll! I have been thinking about getting my chinchilla a friend recently as well as expanding her cage. I would love to own a white mosaic chinchilla but I'm not picky. Are there any breeders or rescues in southern California that you guys would suggest
  14. Devynthecatwithsocks

    Chin Play Pens

    I use a puppy pen that i disconnet the ends to use as like a gate to block off certain areas in my room. Baby gates will help. As for toys i suggest safe tunnels made from wood, house they can crawl into, toss toys etc that they don't get in their cage. Chin chic has they large chinnie buddies...
  15. Devynthecatwithsocks

    Chin safe air fresheners

    Hi so I need to find a chinchilla safe way to get rid of odor in the room she is housed in. Ik candles and air fresheners are terrible for their respiratory systems. Ik chins aren't really smelly animals but their are others animals in the same room that can cause an odor. I keep my window open...
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    Chin behavior

    What time did u pick him up? He could've just been excited to see you and thought he was getting time out of the cage, but when you put him down he wanted to go back and rest
  17. Devynthecatwithsocks

    Should I Put The Wheel Back?

    Also another way to stimulate them is training. This may sound odd to do with a chin but one of the ways I bonded and stimulated my chin was training. She knows how to do stuff like come, walk on 2 legs, high five, and spin. Is there an area where you can place blankets down so its softer?
  18. Devynthecatwithsocks

    Should I Put The Wheel Back?

    Is there a place in your home where it is carpeted?? or where you can place a rug or yoga mat down?
  19. Devynthecatwithsocks

    How to Collect Urine Sample?

    The only thing I can suggest is during the day while he is sleepy take off the fleece liners and have him pee on the plastic pans. Then you could collect from there.
  20. Devynthecatwithsocks

    Should I Put The Wheel Back?

    I would keep it out until they are completely healed just to be safe. However, are they allowed time out of the cage? It sounds like they just want some exercise and stimulation. Another thing that I would suggest is something I do with my own chin. I grab a treat and I hide it somewhere in the...