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  1. tunes

    Thought this was interesting

    http://twentytwowords.com/2012/10/22/cat-nurses-her-kitten-and-4-orphaned-hedgehogs-too-pictures-and-video/ This must be the most mellow cat in the world. :)
  2. tunes

    Hedgehog shirt

    Hey all - here's a link to a shirt with a cute little hedgie on it. I would have posted it earlier (it's only got four hours left) but I just got home and was able to check my email...
  3. tunes

    Forum down

    The forum has been experiencing some issues of late. We are all having trouble accessing the forum. Even more annoying is that we are getting absolutely attacked by spammers, sometimes 15 a day. I have spoken with our webmaster and he is working on a solution. He and his host believe the...
  4. tunes


    I was browsing CL this morning (I know, WHY???) and saw this ad: http://siouxfalls.craigslist.org/pet/4034030592.html What caught my attention was the breeding rights comment. Breeding rights? Because he has been syndicated and you have to buy shares?? Morons.
  5. tunes

    People are just stupid

    I was browsing through CL tonight, trying to see if someone had revised an ad with a chinchilla for sale that I contacted, and I ran across this: http://siouxfalls.craigslist.org/pet/3251682980.html For God's sake - GOOGLE IT people. Are they really that dumb that they don't know that this...
  6. tunes

    Happy birthday Nikki (Dragonflye)!

    Because turnabout is fair play, and she's done this to ME before: :HB13: :HBcake: Lotta candles on that cake there, huh? :congrats: on making it another year! Happy Birthday Nikki! Tell my BFF he better spoil you rotten. (And you thought because your birthday isn't listed,we would...
  7. tunes

    Marshall pet products

    For those who buy Marshall supplies, and they are wide and varied, you might want to know the company you are dealing with and supporting a little better. http://www.care2.com/causes/2500-bea...are-freed.html There are other things that they do as well, but I would say even without those...
  8. tunes


    Is anybody else an avid weather watcher like me? I swear, I am glued to the weather channel and news channels about this drought. Kansas just jumped from 13% drought to like 56% severe in a WEEK. They have pictures of cows wandering around trying to find forage on nothing but dead, sunburned...
  9. tunes

    It should be funny

    but it isn't http://siouxfalls.craigslist.org/pet/3059071005.html I bet they have an aquarium all lined up with pet store food as well. Woo doggie - they are going all out. <rolls eyes>
  10. tunes

    Nice to see some changes

    http://www.sfhumanesociety.com/custAvailablePets.asp?page=viewPet&petId=11108 I have taken numerous chins and rats from these folks over the years, and I've preached about bedding and feed to anyone who will listen. Looks like they finally got someone in there who has either done some reading...
  11. tunes

    Can anybody find one of these?

    Hey guys - would anybody be able to locate a Leap Pad for me? I could pay pal right away for the pad and shipping if you can get ahold of one. I work with an autistic child at school and I can't afford an iPad for Christmas, but would like to give the LeapPad a try. He needs constant...
  12. tunes

    User name changes

    It seems that every day now I wake up to 2 or 3 name change requests in my pm box. I can count on one hand how many user name changes I did last year, and now it is being requested every day. When you sign up for a public forum, you should think about the name you are choosing, not just pick...
  13. tunes

    Grand master chin supplier list

    Hopefully this list is current for USA and Candian buyers. If you find any links that are not working, please let us know and we can remove them from the list. Username - Country - Website or Email - Provides AnnieO - USA - http://www.etsy.com/shop/ChinChic?ref=seller_info - Fleece cage...
  14. tunes

    Fire Department lets house burn

    What do you guys think of this story? http://www.wpsdlocal6.com/news/local/Firefighters-watch-as-home-burns-to-the-ground-104052668.html It's all over the radio stations out here. People are just amazed they just stood there and did absolutely nothing. What if there had been someone in...
  15. tunes

    Chins and cryptosporidium

    I am writing in hopes of asking the vet a question. I m wondering about chins and cryptosporidium. Any information they can give on the subject would be great! From everything that I have read about cryptosporidium in chins, it is an opportunistic infection that usually is diagnosed secondary...
  16. tunes

    News & Questions purpose

    Folks, I think we need a little definition of what the forum "news and questions" is for. It's not a place to put for sale ads. It's not a place to ask chin or hedgie questions or post stories that are in the national news. What the news and information section IS for is questions regarding...
  17. tunes

    If anyone's wondering

    If you're wondering about the change in the membership numbers, we did a massive purge across the forum today. Anyone who joined, but hadn't posted in a year was purged from the membership list. All the classifieds have been cleaned up and deleted. In addition to the mass purge of closed...
  18. tunes

    Welcome new staff

    We'd like everyone to welcome our new staff members (and one used one) who were kind enough to volunteer their time to help run this beast of a forum. Nikki (Dragonflye) has moved up from Buddy to Super Mod on the chin side. (She's the used one.)' Menagerie will be our new buddy on the...
  19. tunes

    Death balls

    Because I'm increeeedibly tired of people who are clueless assaulting me with their stupidity via pm, I thought I would just throw this out here as a debate. I understand that in order to use the term "death ball" I should soften the blow and include a :) with it, because apparently they are...
  20. tunes

    Another great video

    Jenn posted this on Facebook and I have watched it about a zillion times now. Seriously, afterwards I have to take a nap! These girls will never have to worry about extra cardio work outs...