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  1. Katie’s_chinchillas

    Help sexing kits

    I just want to double check the genders of these babies.
  2. Katie’s_chinchillas

    Colony Breeding cage

    Hi. So I was thinking about starting a breeding colony in my big 4ft x 7ft cage. It will have 3 or 4 females and one Male. Shall I put in shelves or not and if so how high up the walls should they be? The roof is 6ft tall. Disclaimer - I am aware of the risks and have plenty of other cages...
  3. Katie’s_chinchillas

    Pregnant chinchilla

    I recently adopted a male and female and their 4 month old baby boy. Before I got them they were housed together so I believe she is pregnant but I’m not sure how far along. I have separated mum from the dad and baby as I don’t want her to get pregnant again. So today she is looking quite...