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    Male and female chins have been kept together

    I would immediately separate them. You can put their cages near each other so they can still see and talk to each other, but get them apart. Keep an eye on them. If they seem to be struggling being single, then you can think about getting another chin. But for right now, separate them and...
  2. tunes

    Anal infection?

    I would have said pyometra, but you already had her spayed. I've never heard of an infected anus in a chin before. What did ye tell you to do for it? He did x-rays of her stomach to be sure she isn't bloated/blocked?
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    Might be homing a second chilla and I have questions

    Bottom line is - have a second cage. There is no way to know if two chins will get along (regardless of age, etc.), or, if they do get along at the start that they will continue to do so. Any time you try an intro there is a risk. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn't. So if you're...
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    Did the vet hurt my chin??? Huge bald spot after seeing the vet and eye infection. Picture

    It looks like it might be fungus. I don't see any type of injury going on there and it's not usually where a chin slips fur. A question though - with the bald spot and the eye issue - did they do x-rays of his teeth? It's possible that he's losing hair because he's pawing at his mouth and...
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    Should I bring my chin to an introduction?

    The age might make it easier, but it might not. If your chin is 8 and has been alone his entire life, age isn't going to make much of a difference with introductions. Some chins just do better at being alone. I try really hard not to have single chins, but sometimes the chins themselves make...
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    Fur slip during introductions

    I would trim their whiskers, rub some shavings on each of them from the other chin's cage, put in a dustbath, hay, and a chew toy, and see if they get along. If they constantly fight during playtime, they aren't going to forget that any time soon. When I intro chins, I don't have the time or...
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    Should I bring my chin to an introduction?

    No, you shouldn't. Any new chin coming into your home should be quarantined. Also, how they act while you are visiting could be completely different from how they will act when you actually have them home. For one thing, your chin will most likely be much calmer after being in the car. He...
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    Has anyone ever used this hay?

    No, but I sure wish I could! Awesome idea!
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    Kleenmam's Hay

    Nope. I haven't purchased from her in years. The last time I did, it was nothing but dust. Then again, that seems to be the norm this year.
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    Bloated chin?? Odd stretching

    If he's eating, drinking, peeing, and pooping then he's fine. Does he feel extra squishy or have a hard tummy?
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    Cross posted from emergencies/

    Reach out to Angie at chinvet@yahoo.com. She if she has any suggestions. Have all your lab work and chronologically list everything that's happened and/or been done to/for her.
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    Baytril for URI, chin constipated and not eating

    If it's for a cat, I wouldn't recommend using it for a chin. I would continue to do what you are doing and try to feed him more frequently. Continue the massages and get some medication specifically for bloat. If you look under the health and hygiene section, there is a post specifically for...
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    Please please help me!!! I don't know what else to do.

    First, I'm sorry you didn't get a response on your first post. For some reason, it didn't come up when I hit "new posts." Second, a chin won't die if it gets wet. It can be a problem if you don't get him completely dry. I agree with Spoof. I would bathe him, and I would bathe all of him...
  14. tunes

    Patchy/Itchy Chin

    Is there anything around his eyes, nose, or mouth? Missing fur, redness, etc.? How often do you dust bathe? What type of bedding do you use? Any perfumey changes in the room or in his cage (new laundry detergent, smelly sprays, etc.)?
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    Hello new Chin owner

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    Would you buy a chinchilla you knew was a fur chewer

    Yes, I would. Eye appeal is, of coursed, important, but it's more important that a chinchilla has a safe and happy home. I don't necessarily agree that fur chewing can be "cured" though as it can be genetic as well as environmental. And, as with any bad habit, once you start it's hard to stop.
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    My Chinchilla Ellie

    She's a cutie! Happy 1st Birthday Ellie!
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    Chinchilla not eating

    How much weight has he lost? Is there any wetness around the eyes or mouth, wetness on the chin/chest area? Can you provide a little more information? He shouldn't have alfalfa hay if his pellets are alfalfa-based, and Oxbow pellets are. Giving it as an occasional treat is fine, but his...
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    Regaining trust

    He'll get better in time. Just be patient with him. Once you stop hand feeding, start rebuilding the trust like you did in the beginning and he'll come around.
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    Welcome! Sounds like you have quite a family there!