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    Taking a chinchilla out of it's "house"

    I use the chin bath house to move my chins to play areas. I put the house into their cage and once the chin gets into it I icarefully block the opening and then move the house with the chin in to the play area. Works well for us.
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    my boy frequently “examines” his privates

    Your chin is cleaning himself, which is natural, also the humping is common. Please read up on how you should help your male chinchilla to clean himself by checking for hair rings.
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    Chin behavior

    For my chins 3:30 is naptime.
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    Rehoming Chinchilla

    Please don't let your chinchilla be adopted for a child. Chinchillas are too delicate and could get hurt.
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    2 males in need of a home :(

    Please keep them together if you can. Thanks.
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    Looking to adopt a older male chinchilla

    Please don't seperate them
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    Chin passed, giving away wheel

    R.I.P. little Suki. I'm so sorry for your lossl
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    The Debate On Playtime

    Gread idea, I'm out hunting for a tent for my two girls later on today. They have a playpen which I attach to their cage where they can go in and out as they please. It has a cover for top and bottom, so they are safe. I change their toys and move toys around to keep them interested.
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    The Debate On Playtime

    I change toys and rearange the chin cage frequently. They love to explore their new situations.