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    Sweep and replenish food every night. Major clean once a week (use to be twice a week but I got lazy).
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    The Debate On Playtime

    We've only have the one, and only have had him for about a year. But we let him out in the bathroom for playtime a couple days a week, usually for about a half an hour or so. Its tile in there so he stays cool and he seems to enjoy it. He has no access to his cage at that time (usually use...
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    Small Bump on Tail

    So, we were on vacation last week and my mom was watching our pets. When we got back I noticed a small, like pimple sized, bump on Jack's tail. The only reason I even noticed it is because it moves the fur at a strange angle. I googled and the only thing I can find is abscess, but it doesn't...
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    Cage/Bonding Question

    Don't know about bonding, but we have a double critter nation for our chinchilla. You can separate the two levels. You can secure the ramp from one level to the second level by a latch as a temp solution, and you can buy a full pan (without the cutout) for the top level as a more permanent...
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    Safe bath houses

    I have the kaytee one, it works. He gets a bath twice a week during playtime, where he is always supervised so I am not worried about him eating the plastic. Playtime/bathtime is also in the bathroom which has a tile floor, makes it easy to just sweep up after him when he is done.
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    Teaching your Chinchilla "No?"

    I am having a similar problem with our chin. Everytime we open his cage, to give him attention, clean up after him, etc he tries to escape. He will try to work around us, jump on us or over us, etc. He is getting plently of playtime, but he always wants more it seems. I too worry about him...
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    Real problem with running wheel.

    They don't need a wheel, so in your place I simply wouldn't get one. Better to not have it than have something that isn't safe.
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    Room Temps and Spring/Fall

    Yes a spot cooler is a small one room AC unit. I'll try leaving the window open at night before a warmer day. Looks like we are good for the next week or so, it was just warm yesterday and it got me thinking how common that is this time of year. Thanks.
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    Room Temps and Spring/Fall

    I know we need to keep the room our chinchilla is in below 75 degrees. The problem I didn't foresee that we are running into now is Chicagoland shoulder season. Yesterday it was in the mid 70's in the afternoon, and probably creaping up to 77 or 78 in the room Jacks is in. But then last night...
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    Chinchilla Store

    I shop at http://www.azchins.com/ for toys and http://www.rondaschins.com/ for treats.
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    Chinchillas in Hot Climates

    Lamps. You can keep the room as a whole cool for the chinchilla, then if you have lizards and stuff that need it warmer you can put heating lamps shining down on their cage to make sure they have warm spots. Much easier to heat certain areas than to cool certain areas.
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    Not sure if he is acting out or just bored.

    Thanks, it makes me feel better that he is just getting restless. I'll look into a food bowl that attached, as I don't like the idea of him not having access to his pellets when he tips it over and it covers the pellets. We will also try some more "big boy" playtime, been saving some large...
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    Not sure if he is acting out or just bored.

    We've had Jacks for about 3 months now, and he is about 6 months old. He is very friendly, runs up to the cage doors to greet us, climbs all over us, even "grooming" us with little nips and such. We will spend some time with him every evening, usually leave the TV on for him in the mornings...
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    Affordable wheel for chinchilla

    Check out the flying saucer type wheels. They take up more floor space in the cage but a decent one is about half the price of a Chin Spin.
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    Fluff bedding or Fleece LIner

    We love the fleece liners. We don't cover the wood in the cage with it, but we cover the plastic shelves (we have a critter nation) and the wire ramps. We are in the process of litter training him, which means we have a small metal litter box full of wood shavings in one corner and the rest is...
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    Dawnna of chocolate chinchillas

    If Kristy has the rights to it, her ranch name is abc chinchillas. We got our pet chinchilla from her, she was very nice and very helpful. You can try googling her to contact her and see if she has it.
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    How do I treat my chinchillas ringworm??

    Its good news its starting to grow back on her nose. I would keep up with the daily baths with sulfur for three weeks. At that point our chinchilla had fur growing back everywhere, he kept itching but I think that was due to dry skin from so many baths. I also made sure to keep cleaning the...
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    Chinchilla and a dog?

    We have both a cat and a dog and now our chinchilla. We were worried when we first brought the chinchilla home how the other two animal would get along, and found the cat quietly walked up to the cage, both the chinchilla and cat sniffed each other and the cat almost seemed to shrug and walk...
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    New To the Forumn

    Hi everyone, I have been lurking on here for a couple of month, reading a lot of older posts to learn about chinchillas and to make sure we are doing right by our little guy, Jacks. He is about 4 months old at this point, and we have had him a little over a month. Just want to thank everyone...
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    How do I treat my chinchillas ringworm??

    First post, but I've been lurking for a while. Just wanted to mention when our chinchilla got ringworm we got FOS on amazon. Humco Sulfur Powder Sublimed was the brand name. I used 1 tablespoon of sulfur per cup of dust while he was infection, now we use 1 teaspoon per cup as a preventative...