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    I have a Custom made chinchilla cage for sale in MA!

    Hi guys, I know this isn't a selling app or anything but I have a really nice custom made wooden chinchilla cage for sale, and I thought the best place to get a good owner for it would be here. It measures 42.5 by 19 by 51. It has wire grids on the top and doors for ventilation. It has a...
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    Chinchillas being wet?

    Hello all, Sorry I am posting so much, I have a lot of questions! So I know chinchillas can't get wet, but what exactly does that mean? Should I completely freaked out if their water bottle drips on their heads? What happens if the granite slabs I freeze in the refrigerator for them to sit on...
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    Are my Chinchillas sad?

    Hello all, Thank you for all your help with my previous problems. The chins are eating and drinking fine now, and the brownish pee was from a bark toy that I gave one of them. As you may know, they are not bonded but they have lived next to each other their whole lives in separate cages...
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    Brownish pee?

    My chinchilla happened to pee on a tupperware container today and I saw that the color was very brownish. Is this something to be concerned about? This is the only time I really seen her pee, she's been drinking water and eating so I'm not concerned about if she's peeing. I just don't know if...
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    I don't think my chinchilla is drinking/eating!! I need help!!

    Hello all, On Wednesday I got two chinchillas, I am a first-time owner. I am stressing out because I don't think my chinchillas are eating and drinking! I've seen one of them, Nova, drink from her water bottle once, and I've occasionally seen her eat her hay. I offered her pellets once and she...
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    Wooden cage??? Help!!

    Hello, I am trying to find a new cage for my Hedgehog Noe. I could a woodworker who makes structures with upcycled wood. I I'm planning to get a 4x2 ft cage from him, with an open-top and a mesh wire window covering the front long side of the cage. The wood isn't polished or anything, but it...
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    Moving to Chins into the same cage!

    I am adopting these two chinchillas next month that needed to be rehomed. They're currently living side-by-side and separate cages, and I believe they have been for a while now. I would really like to move them into the same cage soon after I adopt them, so they can chase each other and play...