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    Small Bump on Tail

    So, we were on vacation last week and my mom was watching our pets. When we got back I noticed a small, like pimple sized, bump on Jack's tail. The only reason I even noticed it is because it moves the fur at a strange angle. I googled and the only thing I can find is abscess, but it doesn't...
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    Room Temps and Spring/Fall

    I know we need to keep the room our chinchilla is in below 75 degrees. The problem I didn't foresee that we are running into now is Chicagoland shoulder season. Yesterday it was in the mid 70's in the afternoon, and probably creaping up to 77 or 78 in the room Jacks is in. But then last night...
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    Not sure if he is acting out or just bored.

    We've had Jacks for about 3 months now, and he is about 6 months old. He is very friendly, runs up to the cage doors to greet us, climbs all over us, even "grooming" us with little nips and such. We will spend some time with him every evening, usually leave the TV on for him in the mornings...
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    New To the Forumn

    Hi everyone, I have been lurking on here for a couple of month, reading a lot of older posts to learn about chinchillas and to make sure we are doing right by our little guy, Jacks. He is about 4 months old at this point, and we have had him a little over a month. Just want to thank everyone...