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  1. Amethyst


    They don't need bedding, other then to absorb their pee (so a litter box is fine) but if they chew on the plastic you will need to cover it with fleece as soon as possible. Personally I don't think it's worth the risk to leave plastic pans (or any other plastic in the cage) exposed, just because...
  2. Amethyst

    Weighing Chins

    I think it's a good idea to try to keep a weight record on your chins, it can be hard to notice weight lose just by looking and feeling them until they have lost a good bit. You don't have to weigh them daily, at least once a month is good so long as they are seemly healthy. Weight loss can...
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    Bonding with my Chins

    Most of the bonding at first is simply being there, sit by the cage, talk, read aloud, sing, etc. You can also put your hands in the cage and let them climb on you, let them come to you. No treats until 6 months old, unlimited, primarily alfalfa, hay but some timothy is good too, and unlimited...
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    Lacking Pellets

    Yeah sounds about right, it should stay nice and firm and dry, it shouldn't be wet or mushy.
  5. Amethyst

    Raspberry Leaves?

    Just a small amount, about 1/8-1/4 of a teaspoon worth, a couple times a week.
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    Lacking Pellets

    I honestly didn't notice much of a difference in the poop. It might be a tiny bit bigger due to more fiber in the diet, but that's about it.
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    Should My Chin Go To The Vet?

    The mg amount of vitamin E in the gel cap doesn't matter, you only need a tiny bit (not even a whole caplet worth for both ears), so I would go with the smallest/cheapest you can find for less waste/cost.
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    Lacking Pellets

    They can survive on hay alone, it's their primary food anyway. Depending on how much pellets you have, what I've done is just give a couple table spoons worth a day (for my two, so only one tablespoon each) to stretch the pellets out longer. Just make sure the hay is kept topped up since they...
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    Chinchillas & Cage

    I'm way too far away to be interested in them, but I just wanted to say that unless you actually know for a fact the male was neutered it's best not to assume he is, it's not a common thing. Chins can be together for years before producing any kits if the conditions aren't right. Sometimes all...
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    I don't think a full grown chin is going to fit in a .5 gallon jar. I got mine at walmart I think it was around $20.
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    Yep no problem, I'm here to help. :) It's a one gallon jar, I'd get a 2 gallon one if I could find one at a decent price though since they do seem kind of squished when they both decide to use it at the same time.
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    Yep, that is actually exactly what I do. :) Here is a video of my guys in their bath house/travel cage.
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    Most of the full metal carriers I've seen are expensive, what I have for mine is a small cage, something like this could work I have something like that only...
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    It can take weeks or more to break the bond, however it's best to bring both to the vet if you can so they both smell like the vet. It's very common if one stays home for it to reject the one that went to the vet when then they first come home because he smells different. :rolleyes: Once the...
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    Confused about bathing dust

    That looks really grainy, like dust bath when it's time to change it. It's probably technically safe (assuming it's pumice), but wont do much good for actually cleaning the chin since it will unlikely get through the fur and could damage the fur.
  16. Amethyst

    Room Temperature??

    I agree 80F is way too hot, they can start to over heat in anything above 70, so no handling or out of cage time if it's reached 70 in the room. At 75 and above they can suffer heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Keep in mind that although a chin may survive the heat it doesn't mean no damage was...
  17. Amethyst

    Dust Bath & Chin Ear

    That dust bath is fine, I had it for my two when I first got them. It's not very durable though, after a few years the seam starting separating, possible due to having both try to bathe at the same time. I now use a one gallon candy jar for their dust, here is a video of their bath house it's in...
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    Cage Inquiry

    One thing to keep in mind when litter training is that not all chins can or want to be litter trained. My guys use the litter pan about 50% of the time now, so not all the time but it helps. At 10 weeks they may also be too young to litter train, so don't get discouraged. It's more a situation...
  19. Amethyst

    Soon to be new owner of 2 male chinchillas

    Zanfii covered most, but I have just a few corrections. Oat is a grain not a legume ;), but should still be used as a treat not primary hay. Alfalfa hay on the other hand is a legume, and is what you want to be feeding primarily to a kit until 6 months old. They need the extra calcium and...
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    Where to buy Kiln-Dried Pine in the West Covina, California area

    I don't know what store you have near you, but any home building center sells kiln dried pine, if the people there are too stupid (seems common) just look for the pine with a HD or KD letters stamped on it. Another common wood people use that most places sell is poplar. A variety of wood is...