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    New Chinchilla Owner please help!

    yeah it took me and my Roo forever to bond. She came from a girl who stole her out of some guys garage and put her up for adoption (free). In her defense Roo was living in a garage in southern California living in a one story hamster cage that was literally being held together by zip ties, with...
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    Carrier floor

    You can custom order a small fleece padding. They aren't too expensive and they'll do the job
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    Reintroducing Cagemates

    Since the chins might've established territory I would introduce them in a large neural territory and see how that goes. Probably would want to take both out to play
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    Chinchillas & Cage

    Ok he might've been neutered when he was younger
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    Chinchillas & Cage

    Oh is he neutered?
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    Chinchillas & Cage

    How old are they and gender?
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    Bandit's Dry Ears (UPDATE)

    Also how long has this been going on for? It may be that it's just bandits ears and it will be his norm
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    What's new?

    What diet was he on just out of curiosity?
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    Humidity Issue (Again)

    Yeah humidity is serious for chins. I would get a good dehumidifier asap for her safety. A good note if you live in a wet state buy a dehumidifier for your pets. It's just more comfortable or in this case can save their lives.
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    Bandit's Dry Ears (UPDATE)

    I would take her to a good vet immediately. I've never heard anything like this. Honestly it sounds like it may seem to humid or warm in the room. Check the temp in the room before hand and make sure it's at most 70 degrees. Then check humitidy. You can get a dehumidifier which can help alot
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    Chinchilla cat scratch

    I wouldn't put gauze cuz she may chew on it. What you could do is make gauze out of fleece and see how that holds up. Next time keep the cats locked in a different room if possible in order to avoid situations like this. You can also encourage her to eat. She may be being picky but it may be...
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    Chinchillas & Cage

    Where are you located? If it's in the LA area I might be able to take them
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    Who makes this cage please???

    I don't but I would go with a critter nation. They are better and safer for chins. They are child and pet proof so even your chinchilla can't sneak out. They are also expandable so you can add more layers if wanted. I wouldn't recommend that cage cuz it's kinda small. There is no room for your...
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    Not eating/drinking water.. (stasis?) My very LONG success story!!

    Wow way to go! You are an amazing chin mom and Loki is so lucky to have you as a mom!
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    Cage Pictures ~ Playtime

    He Here is my cage set up
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    Cage Pictures ~ Playtime

    You can add a gated playpen or do what I do. I get flattened cardboard boxe You can add a play pen or do what I do. I use unfolded cardboard boxes and set them up as a baracade
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    Hay Holders

    I believe TJs chinchillas has some. You can also get a metal one at your local pet store. Just make sure it's made with safe wood
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    New Chinchilla Owner please help!

    I recsued mine and was told she would never I rescued mine and was told she would never like me picking her up. After about 6 months of giving her some space and letting her adjust and get used to me she started to warm up to me more. I can now pick her up in case if emergency and I is pretty...
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    Neighbor's dog cries at least 2-3x a week!

    I would have proper authorities like the cops or a rescue check on him. If he is tied to a pole all day that does raise some concern. Honestly if you can find someone that can check on his well being and can take him if necessary that would be best for the dog. In the meanwhile you can talk to...