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    Free Chin Spin (you pay shipping)

    the chinchilla you paralized, 1 chin leg cut, a quality cage belly cut a chinchilla, are not my pets however the injuries are not hearsay. Heartbreaking, animals suffering, pet parents in tears , bloody pictures from your products. You are at fault. You make the wheel & cages yourself. Well...
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    Free Chin Spin (you pay shipping)

    I sent you the requested photos. Your empathy, safety standards, and concern for all living pets & quality of life ~ you made clear in your reply. As follows JoshQuality Cage reply:
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    Looking for inexpensive twigs Farmer Dave sells 100 apple bits & tips 1-2" long. $5.77 NOLA chin rescue sells 2lbs includes shipping for $43.00. These apple sticks are long yet not thick. 1 stick can easily be cut into 2 or 3 sticks. My boys love Nola wood! Farmer...
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    Lone Star Chinchilla

    Another thought, since you are on the Gulf Coast, Nola Chin Rescue. I cannot say enough what a valuable and ethical leader within the Chinchilla communities. Idk of any breeders, my 4 sons are from Petsmart. I know! To be fair, 2 are my grandchinchildren and 2 are mine. Ages 15. We were unaware...
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    Free Chin Spin (you pay shipping)

    The older chinspins by Quality Cage Co (Company) . Excellent reputation among the Chinchilla communities. Customer service had high standards. Products, 5 star reviews. Shipping-immediately. Chin Spin came with a lifetime guarantee! No bolts, bearing replacements. The owners sold QC and...
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    Free Chin Spin (you pay shipping)

    This is not a Quality Cage "Crafters" wheel. Yours is The Original ChinSpin by Quality Cage Company! Big difference. When Josh took over QC not only did the name changed to Crafters, the wheel, cages for chinchillas designs/materials were changed as well. As a result, many chinchillas suffered...
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    Not chewing - and other newbie questions/concerns

    I have 4 teenagers. All Male. All 4 have different personalities. 1 is grumpy another is brilliant, then I have one who has not grasped dust bath concept! Finally, my screamer/roadrunner. All 4 like sketches however on their terms. 1 plays dead. For attention, I am guessing he does this for...
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    Chin Spin Wheels

    ChinSpin - The Original was made by Quality Cage Co Quality Cage sold to Quality Cage "Crafters" Josh is the Owner He changed the wheels design Try to puchase an older ChinSpin before QCCrafters changed everything Older wheels do not need bearings and needless extras - Josh ruined my wheels!
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    Hi There!

    greetings! welcome to the forum!
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    Chin Breeders in Charlotte, Nc

    Tiffanys? good luck!
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    Over cleaning?

    delete*** I spoke too soon. low vision & I missed the word "carpet" my bad
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    Free timothy hay

    3rd cut Timothy Hay. Harvested later in the season. 1St cut, well, is first:) when it's cut again you have second cut. Finally, 3rd cut! (i think) As noted prior to my post, 2nd cut is an excellent choice as well. My preference is 3rd. so much easier on to clean floors and vacuum as well! What...
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    Free timothy hay

    Me too! My boys will only eat Farmer Daves Hay! 3rd cut. Sometimes 2nd cut with clover will do if he is out of 3rd cut
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    recommended online vendors

    I have ordered from TJ's. Shipping may seem high, it is not. She does not make a profit on shipping charges ~ she refunds the difference! I guess she over charges to make sure she does not have to send out an invoice? That is only a guess.