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    Unexplained Weight loss

    I should add that although it's difficult to say if she's eating the same amount because she has a cage mate, if she is eating less its not a noticable amount less. I am filling the food about as much as usual. Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    Unexplained Weight loss

    I have had her for over 8yrs. She's between 8-9 years old. It's hard to say if she is eating the same amount because she has a cage mate, but her poop is actually slightly bigger than usual (she's always had smaller droppings than my other 3) she has had the same wheel for a few years now. The...
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    Unexplained Weight loss

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced a heavier chin loosing weight on their own without illness? My vet said my chin seems healthy, but she keeps loosing weight. She is a little on the heavier side so it could be a good thing. My concern is why is she loosing weight? There have been no diet...
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    Ate plastic

    That's what I was hoping to hear. It's been 24hrs. I think she chewed it really well because I haven't seen it in her poop, but she is acting normal. Thank you. Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    Ate plastic

    I feel like a terrible chin mom. Two days ago Tiquita ate the clicky top of a pen. I gave her some gas drops as a precaution thinking, it might help in case trying to pass the plastic caused gas. Well, she bit the tip of the syringe off yesterday! She's still eating and acting normally. I was...
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    Chipped tooth

    Last night at play time, Tiquita and Talia got in a fight. While running, Tiquita ran into a shelf I had leaning against a wall (I was cleaning their cage). She immediately began pawing at her mouth. Upon inspection, I found she chipped one of her bottom front teeth. I can bring her in tomorrow...
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    Peeing on Fleece

    I wash with white vinegar and change it Wednesdays and Saturday/Sundays. The first 6yrs of their lives they peed on bedding which was only on one level of their old cage. It was only when i got the Ferret Nation cages that they began using fleece instead of the bedding. I didnt thnk i would have...
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    Peeing on Fleece

    I have four beautiful 7 year old girls. About a year ago i moved them to two Ferret Nation cages. I have been having issues with messy butts ever since =/ As you know, the shelves are plastic and must be covered in fleece. I have heard of many people allowing their chins to pee on fleece and...
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    Licking the bars of his cage?

    Could there be dust on the bars? My girls like to lick dust off of things. By dust I mean their dust bath. Since it floats into the air and settles, sometimes they find a dusting of it on something and they'll clean it off. Sent from my BLU R1 HD using Tapatalk
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    New Oxbow

    So, i'm sure most of you know that Oxbow has recently changed their Chinchilla pellets packaging. The ingredients changed a little. They've added Calcium Carbonate (8th ingredient), Sodium Bentonite (10th ingredient) & Copper Proteinate (26th ingredient) and removed Ferrous Sulfate and Selenium...
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    Can humans get chins sick?

    Does anybody know if humans can pass their illness onto chins? I feel a possible cold coming on and am weary of being around my girls out of fear of getting them sick.
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    Dead grasshopper in hay

    It is SPS. I recently switched back to them after finding a dead rat head in my Oxbow :( that was disturbing. The chins definitely prefer oxbow and it's cheaper, but I'm too scared to buy from them anymore. That batch of hay I tossed without question. Thank you Amethyst. Sent from my BLU R1 HD...
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    Dead grasshopper in hay

    I found a dead squished grass hopper in my hay. I'm already half way through the box. Is it safe to continue giving to my chinchillas? I'm thinking it's not a big deal, but would like some opinions before giving anymore of the hay to my chins. Thank you.
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    Temp vs. Humidity

    Idgie : I run both the AC & Dehumidifier, but at night both struggle. The humidity gets above 50% and the temp gets to 70. If i just run the AC the humidity gets well above 60%, so I'm not sure what to do. Airyn: It appears to happen on cool nights. Im thinking maybe the temp sensor is too close...
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    Chin sitting

    Thank you