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    Well first, you should make sure that both of these animals are pedigreed and are from show lines. If they are not, they shouldn't be bred. If they are pedigreed, both should be shown to find out if they are matches for breeding - they must compliment each other so that you're not pairing two...
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    ECBC Southern Atlantic Branch Show - January 9th, 2016 - Roxboro, NC

    We hope that you can make it!
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    Chinchilla fur wad

    You have to tug them out. They will come out, you have to put force in the pull. The fur has to grow back completely and you will have a bald spot, but the tufts need to come out. Pull from the interior of the tuft firmly.
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    collodal silver how much/how often??

    Have you tried just using blu-kote? I practically use it on all wounds.
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    Ryerson carrier

    They open from the front and have individual doors.
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    2015 California ECBC Sanctioned Show - Jan 24-25, 2015

    Excited for this show. It will be my first time in California.. can't wait to see you all there :)
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    Hi. Looking for a breeder.

    I'm about 3 hours from the area on the NC/VA border. I have several animals available at this time and some that will be available in Dec - Jan.
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    Dark Tan Chinnie? Northen VA

    Try Monika at Pony Trail Chins - she's in MD. There just aren't many breeders in VA unfortunately.
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    Tradition pellets & vitamin c supplements?

    I've never heard of it either. I've been to several meetings / seminars where the Hubbard nutritionist Dr. Bonnette has come out and spoke about the feed and I don't remember him speaking about ever needing any type of supplement either. I feed it to my chins, but I don't supplement.
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    Ebony Phenotype vs. Genotype

    I've had no issue with getting dark / extra dark ebonies out of 1st or 2nd generation and I pair extra dark eb to dark standards. I get a crap shoot, from medium to extra dark. My darkest eb I've produced was out of a dark standard with crisp belly and an extra dark eb. I've taken my first...
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    South East Coastal 2014 show

    I will be there as well. Hoping to bring close to 20 animals.. we'll see :)
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    List of shows?

    Yes, the ACS show will be in Milesburg, PA in April of next year.
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    Homo ebony born to two violets?

    First, that's not a "homo" ebony. Ebonies shouldn't really be considered homozygous anyway based on how they appear phenotypically - we call them extra dark ebonies. I would label that animal as a dark ebony, not extra dark and it will most likely lighten with age from the way it appears. As...
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    Homo ebony born to two violets?

    Ebony can pop up generations down the line.. at least one of the parents was carrying ebony.