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    Chins in need of serious help in Tampa, FL

    I can’t see the post, but I’m willing to pay for just the chinchilla’s if I could get her/him to lower it. I cannot pay that much, but I have multiple cages that they could go in, and extremely comfortable and good places. I just can’t afford that much, and I could give less about the cage. One...
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    Scary behavior..?

    3 months ago, my chinchilla finnegan was born! I’ve been his best friend, and my family has grown to love him to pieces! About three days ago, I notice some odd behavior. First, he was oddly warm 5-6 days ago and it worried me, he hid under his little jumps. I covered his cage and he came out...
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    Cat and chinchilla!

    Thank you, sadly, we couldn’t save him. We couldn’t afford to see a vet due to chinchilla’s being classified as exotic type animals, and those vets are extremely expensive compared to one a dog would go to! My family loved my little senki, but he passed away.. good need is, we have babies from him!
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    Cat and chinchilla!

    Hello! Recently, we had a horrible accident happen involving one of our feral cats. I was referred here by a friend who said to ask about it, so here it goes. Yesterday, My little sister had a friend open, she was showing off the chinchilla and did NOT close the cage door. Thats been a rule for...