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    Please help chinchilla was attacked

    I had a male attacked last year pretty bad from a female. I put neosporin on his wound (bad idea), metacam and antibiotics, hand fed. I went to the vet a week later he said if I would have brought him in when it happened it could have sewn one of the wounds since it was deep. He said otherwise...
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    Coal died! 😭😭😭 just 2 weeks after Squirt dying!!!

    Sorry for your losses. Hopefully, someone can give you answers.
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    Aggressive Behavior

    I'll be back up in your area the weekend of Oct 13th.
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    Mom of baby chinchilla biting its base of the tail !!!

    I had a mom do that to her 2nd oldest daughter. The mom had a daughter another daughter that was a month old when I noticed blood in the cage. The mom's teeth were so white I ended up giving alfalfa and calcium. Mom died within a week. The oldest daughter ended up caring for her own kit and her...
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    My chinchilla keeps trying to get out of his cage?

    MochaChin I sent you a message that I was going to be in your area never heard back from you. I was in Benicia and Vallejo this past weekend.
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    Aggressive Behavior

    I am heading up to Benicia on Aug 18th or 25th. I can probably come by on Saturday,
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    3 chins vs 50lbs hay- how much to keep on hand?

    voxleo - I sent you a private message. but where do you live in SO CA?Here is my email address:
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    My Website

    Very nice web site. Love the dragon.
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    Chins wanted in Orange County?

    What color, sex, age are you looking for? Sumiko lives in Central CA and comes down once a month. There are also rescue places. One of them is Bunny Bunch in Montclair & Fountain Valley. I live in La Mirada which is on the borders of Orange and Los Angeles counties.
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    Sick Female Chinchilla?

    You mentioned photo but there isn't any posted. I wouldn't put them together in the future. I don't know if she went into shock. You do need to get food into her.I am confused if they are all together or sisters and the 1st one is separated since you mention you keep them in a 3 story cage. I...
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    Chinchilla with tumor - how do you know it's time?

    My vet used to tell me it is the quality of life to go by. I try to give my chins goji berries every other month. if they refuse to eat it something is wrong with them then I will make an appointment.
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    Chin wanted in So Cal??

    Have you found a chin yet? I live on the borders of LA and OC counties.
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    Chin wanted in So Cal??

    I live in So CA what age are you looking for? Sex? Sumiko - will be coming down I think at the end of March from Central CA she goes to Long Beach.
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    Our chin is very sick

    Sorry about your chin. Sorry I don't know how to read x-rays. Ticklechin, Tunes or someone else with experience can help you. Good luck. If you have facebook there are a lot of chin forums where you can ask.
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    Not an actual emergency, but could have been

    I have some cages that are double latched. On 3 cages I have to put 2 clips (which I call locks) since they know how to undo both latches. I thought I didn't latch them at night so I would have my husband double check the cages before we went to bed. The next morning door wide open some of the...