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    how much is enough

    One of the things to consider with only feeding wet food is dental care. A benefit of the hard food is that it helps clean their teeth. However, maybe there's an issue that causes your little one to only want to eat soft food - like a lose tooth, broken tooth, underbite, etc... Or, of course...
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    3 y/o f- poss mammary tumor in pelvic region

    I hope everything's turning out well for her!
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    how much is enough

    I weigh out the amount of kibble that I give to my quillkids each night. It helps me get a sense of how much they've eaten by the amount that's left behind. For example, I weigh out 10g for Bella. She typically leaves at least half behind, so I know I'm not limiting her intake by the amount of...
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    New 8 week old Violet

    Ideal temp depends on the hedgie. I'd aim for about 76F and take it from there. If hedgie is "splatting" (ie, on belly, legs outstretched in all directions), it's too warm, so decrease by a little. Conversely, if hedgie is in a ball with a chilly belly, increase the temp.
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    can hedgie climb a ladder

    They're good at going up, but not down. The "down" aspect makes it a rather dangerous proposition.
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    hello newbe here

    The bottom of the cage? Like the floor of the cage itself? If it's one you're building yourself, I'd suggest coroplast. You can cut it to the size you need and will protect your flooring.
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    Chinchillas AND hedgehog...? Help! 9 Questions!

    You can keep chins and hedgies under the same roof; though certainly not in the same cage. You can probably do the same room too as long as you have a reliable system for keeping hedgie warm. It's best to put hedgie cages along an inside wall to help guard against temperature fluctuations that...
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    Scar looking line on my hedgie's forehead?

    Glad she's doing well. Probably just got a little too itchy and scratched a bit too much!
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    Planning for hedgie in 2017!

    Yes. That size will work just fine. If you happen to get a climber, you'll want to put some guards up the sides so that hedgie doesn't climb up the bars. Some use coroplast; others use those plastic or vinyl place setting things; I use crib bumpers. It's funny, each hedgie has their preference...
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    New to Chins-and-Hedgies

    I haven't found that the addition of one more leads to neglect of the other; however, I've only had two for any great length of time. I had three hedgies for about a week. And 11 for 2 days (part of a rescue operation). Hedgies, generally, aren't terribly high maintenance. They like to be left...
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    New 8 week old Violet

    Glad we could help :)
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    Hello From Alberta!

    Hi and welcome! I'd post in the hedgie forums :)
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    huffle puff!

    Looks like a sweet little hedgie!
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    Scar looking line on my hedgie's forehead?

    That is a little unusual. Could be a few things - like overzealous scratching, irritation from anointing with something that was left in contact with her skin too long, or one of those scary "need a vet" things. My inclination would be to monitor closely and keep it clean with just plain water...
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    Hedgie scratching, not really running

    Poor little buddy. Given the cooler winter weather, complete with drier air, is settling in, my first thoughts are that perhaps it was a touch cool and he's dealing with some dry skin. Attend to the basics first - like ensuring his wheel is just right (rinse it off in case it picked up something...