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    1 or 2 Hedgies?

    From the research I've done, you only have them by themselves. While some females may tolerate the others presence, it usually doesn't end well. So yes, only one by itself is best.
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    adopting a hedgie this friday

    I don't know about the c&c cages, but I got a Ceramic Heat Emmiter (CHE) for my hedgie Watson, as well as a thermometer, and it worked well for him. My new girl, Harriet, doesn't seem to mind it being a little cooler, but I also have the heater in my room on now that it's winter. I would...
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    Same Room?

    Hello all. I was cheering myself up earlier by looking at hedgie pictures and a thought struck me - can you house a male hedgehog and a female hedgehog in the same room? I know that the same cage is a bad idea, but what about in separate cages in the same room? Not an overly urgent question...
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    New hedgie bonding?

    My girl is still relatively new to me and very huffy. What I have found works best for her is to put her in a snuggle bag on my lap while I watch tv or play on my computer. After she got used to being with me, I would put my hand in the snuggle bag with her until she would eventually let me...
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    One door closes; Another opens

    You may be aware that my baby and first hedgie, Watson, passed away just recently. While I miss him terribly, I believe it was a good thing as it allowed a little girl to find a new home. 1 year old Harriet Marmalade was in need of rehoming as her previous mommy didn't feel she could give her...
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    Good Night, My Sweet Prince

    Thanks. I feel really sad I lost him, but somehow I know it's ok. He was at least 3 years old and he didn't suffer. I never understood the whole "at peace" with a death thing before, but that's the only way to explain how I feel now.
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    Good Night, My Sweet Prince

    Hi everyone. This is just a notice and a thank you. Tonight my baby boy, Jawn Watson, died. I thank god that he went in his sleep and that he didn't suffer. Still, it came as a shock to me. I didn't even have him a full year, and while I was his fourth home and he was at least 3 years old, I...
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    Worried about my little boy... He's wobbling

    Thank you so much Raindog! Turning up the heat seems to have worked perfectly! Whew! I even went and got him a heat lamp today, just to make sure, and he seems back to his normal self thus far. I will keep you all posted on any new developments, should there be any. But he seems fine. :)
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    Worried about my little boy... He's wobbling

    I feel like a really bad hedgie owner because I noticed about a month ago that my little Watson had a bit of a wobble to his walk. I did all the research I could and nothing really turn up, apart from WHS and maybe an ear infection. At the time, it didn't seem like something I should be to...
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    New baby girl

    She's so cute! Congratulations!
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    Sleeping Patterns?

    Ok, I'm glad to hear that. Thanks Aurora! I know what you mean. I love hearing Watson at night. I'm sorry for your loss. Hugs <3
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    Changing Wheels

    His old wheel was all metal, and, like I've said, it rusted. Watson's new wheel though is a plastic bucket wheel. Same idea, different design. I put the new wheel in night before last and put some of his kibble and some chicken (his favourite treat) in it, just like smhufflepuff suggested. Next...
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    Sleeping Patterns?

    Ok, so it sounds like my guy is pretty much normal then. It's not like he's up all day and asleep all night, but he does get up once or twice to have a snack. Good to know I'm just being an over worried mommy. :P
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    Quill Question

    Ok thanks! Watson's lost a total of two quills since I got him, so I wasn't worried, just curious. :)
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    Sleeping Patterns?

    Thanks. He is way more active at night then in the daytime, so it's probably just me catching him having a snack. Thank you for put my fears at bay. :)