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    Chinchilla cage with accessories

    I have a 3 level cage in good used condition for sale. All that is shown comes with. It could use a good cleaning. The metal pans are not professional but they hold in the chips and work great. I also have 3 pads if your wanting to go that route. Each cage can be separate or open it for a 3...
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    Where do you buy your Dust Bath?

    My husband is going to be down in Southern California this coming week ( May 14-18 2012) and I was wondering if there was somewhere or someone he could pick up dust from as I know it is milled down there. I use to get it at the shows but I haven't been for a few years now and I am running low. I...
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    Ferret Nation This link gives you 15% off your entire purchase in-store at petsmart along with a few others. It would take the cage down to 195.86 if it's in stock or it can be used for anything not written in fine print.
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    Ferret Nation Poop

    I sent an email into Bass to get a quote or to see if they made 4-5 inch sided pans last week and still no reply. Is that normal? And if and when they do get an order how long does it take to get them
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    Chin names and how they came to be

    Scooter- as when I got her I could not catch her Squirt- the runt of the bunch and he still is Loosie- the first night home she sprung herself from her cage and had full run of the house until we found her the next day Kaeti- loved the weird way it was spelled Sookie- after Sookie Stackhouse of...
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    Argh! Craigslist people!!

    What are these? I have never seen a chin look like this before.
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    Where to buy PVC pipe for fleece tubes

    I take my saw with me to home depot, if they are busy and can't cut what I need and I cut it myself in the parking lot. They have plug ins right outside the big door you just pull your car up, use your saw to cut and then your on your way.
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    143 Ferret Nation Add-On Ferret-Cage Level with Ramps

    If anyone is looking to add on to their Ferret Nation, Amazon has it on sale for 98.74 with no shipping and no tax. No idea how long the sale will last tho as prices change frequently.
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    "hardwood" floor for the chins

    I tried the tile and wood and all it created was a huge stink and I was out money I could have used elsewhere. The top was fine but the urine slowly seeps down the sides and gets into the wood underneath and when that happens there is nothing I could buy or find that would get the smell out of...
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    Anyone else NOT like their Ferret Nation?

    Emily, I know exactly what you mean as I have a chin that sits at the back of the cage just waiting to run the minute there is a crack in the doorway. I myself have spent many hours chasing her trying to get her back in the cage ( I have a cage I made not a FN). The only things I have found that...
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    CA ECBC Spring Field Day - March 28, 2009

    Sorry, I just found the site again and seen the spring field day is this weekend. I use to buy from Heidi all the time but I don't know what happened to her.
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    CA ECBC Spring Field Day - March 28, 2009

    Is anyone bringing stuff to purchase like the one in Santa Nella last year or it is just the show. I myself am also looking for a bag of blue cloud if someone has an extra.