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    Bandit's Dry Ears (UPDATE)

    I didn't see a picture, could you/ did you post one? Is it only on ears? I have had ringworm on 2 of my chillas. It DOES NOT look like it does on a human. (Circle of tiny blisters with dry in center on humans it itches like mad)
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    Hibiscus & Apple wood

    Have to ask... Thought wood was ok after 5 years no chemicals. Would the new growth be contaminated too? If so can a tree be planted for the purpose of branch harvest? I've heard mulberry tree is OK too. They grow fast and are "weeds" here. I've dried leaves for years and call them "cookies"...
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    8 week old kit updated

    Hello, just quick about alfalfa... It has too much calcium as a main food source and can cause bladder stones, which need to be removed surgically on chillas. Timothy hay is the way to go. I have peeled and hand fed "crispy not crunchy" to my little beasts. They are like 2 year olds and like...
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    Moving (out of state) with chinchillas

    Ryerson has best carrier my vet has seen. Our "to go box" has room for 2 and handle on top I seatbelt in. I just call Jan at Ryerson Chinchilla directly to do orders. (419)687-1071. My little Houdini has learned to open it. So I use a twist tie to remedy. She also loves the radio... Classical...
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