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    Chirping when Scared? Stranger Danger?

    Thanks Amethyst, it mirrors my research could have been the smell. The teen has (2) dogs so that could have been a factor too, didn't think of that!
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    Chirping when Scared? Stranger Danger?

    So our Chinchy Elvira made a new sound the other day. She immediately ran under her cage when let out and began emitting a very loud "alarm" sound. We've heard her bark but this was very loud for a Chinchy in our experience. Only thing we can think of was for the first time someone else let her...
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    Ferret Nation Cage 182 One Stop Shop?

    Anyone know of a one-stop shop type of place to order removable fleece liner/cage set for the Ferret Nation 182 Cage? I'd love to order a set of fleece liners and wooden ledges designed specifically for this cage. Anyone have a good resource or recommendations on easy to remove/wash liners for...
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    Do Chinchillas get bored of toys easily?

    Good idea...the thing is she'll eat the toilet paper that okay? She pretty much eats everything...I swear she has PICA
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    Do Chinchillas get bored of toys easily?

    My Chinchy gets excited when she gets a new toy or chew but after a few days they are "dead to her". We have a corner of the basement I call the land of dead toys. She wants nothing to do with them. Hanging toys? She'll chew them for a while then they're dead to her, or she'll eat her favorite...
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    We've had luck with her being "active" around 7 am and 7 pm how much she interacts with us depends on her moods and by interacting I mean hopping on us and coming near us if we're on the floor. She definitely is comfortable with us but she's not really into us trying to hold her so we don't.
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    Chinchilla chew toys

    Do you have a source to buy these "wire kabobs" so we can make our own...I"ve done some googling and haven't found a good source yet
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    In Over My Head

    My daughter moved back home with her Chinchilla that she got from a Pet Store over the Summer. It was supposed to go back to the boyfriends house after Christmas Break. However, once here, I started doing research only to see it was not being cared for properly by these (2) Teenagers. They did...