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    Angora Chinchillas

    Angora chinchillas stand more chance of overheating due to the length and density of their double coat. I'm not certain if enough information is yet available ref their genetics to predict their health long term. They are certainly not suitable for a novice chin keeper, but are adorable.
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    Rolling over when being petted

    Several of my guys go over to one side during scritching sessions.
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    Housing safety question...

    Teflon is toxic. Please do not use anything like this for your chins.
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    Chinchilla has fleas

    Are you certain she has fleas? A chinchilla's fur is too dense to harbour them. I would not use any form of flea treatment on a chinchilla. Have you seen fleas actually on your girl?
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    Chinchilla pink eye?

    Take her to your vet and get her eye checked asap.
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    Bonding two brothers to a new male

    To be honest, I would give them separate playtime. Chins really do not need the amount of time out of cage you are giving them. My adults get 20 mins maximum, and not every day.
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    Bonding two brothers to a new male

    I would not advise bonding a third chin to an already bonded pair. I had a trio several years ago and this resulted in my ebony male being bullied by the other two. Could you not take this chin, house in a separate cage, and consider a cage mate of the same sex for him once he has settled and is...
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    Help please

    Begin the bonding process from the beginning. Try leaving him in his cage for the immediate future and begin by spending time talking quietly to him. When he's comfortable with this, try placing your hand in his cage and let him sniff and explore you, but go at his pace. Each chin is different...
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    Bee pollen safe for treats?

    All my chins enjoy a small pinch of bee pollen once a week
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    Chinchilla - Bulging/Protruding eye?

    Your chinchilla needs to see a vet immediately. There is something serious ongoing to make the eye protrude like this and it needs to be investigated and treated. It is impossible to give an answer as to what is causing this condition precisely and for this reason, your chin needs to see a vet.
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    Chinchilla Supplement

    A healthy chin should not need any supplements. Good quality pellets and hay, fresh water and the occasional healthy treat are all chins need.
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    Depressed chinchilla

    Chinchillas are crepuscular, that is most active at dawn and dusk. That said, they can be active during the day, but more so during the hours of darkness. You do not state how long you have had your chin, but bonding can take anything from several weeks, to even years. There is no set pattern...
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    Chinchilla conjunctivitis

    What exactly do you mean by organic bedding? Can you give more details or post a pic of it?
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    One red ear

    This is perfectly normal. Chins often sleep with ears back against the head and they become warm and red as they absorb body heat.
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    Sneezing without mucus or drooling

    You really need to have dental x-rays carried out in order to investigate what is happening with your chinchillas' teeth roots. If they are growing into the sinal cavity, I'm afraid nothing can be done. I've recently lost a chin who was an avid chewer, but suddenly stopped. This chin was very...