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    hey grl thanks again and I will be updating u and posting pics 2 ur email : ) he has been doing well as far : )
    hey girl i look at all the forum and it really helped out. i am very excited, i cant wait : )
    Just sent you a pm chat did the same thing to me! Thank God it wasnt just me!

    xoxox night night
    Yeah I had finals last week so I was MIA. Now I'm on this whole new health kick thing, so I've started going to the gym and am really watching what I eat. We'll see how that goes!

    Good luck on your finals! I go back to school May 4th :( !! Here I come Sociology and Women's Studies. Talk soon love. xoxox.
    That you are!

    Later is cool.. Im working on my assignment right now anyways.. 1 1/2 pages done.. got another 1 1/2 to go! eeep.
    ohhh your boys are up!! they are fricken gorgeous. Is it sad I am jealous????

    and hey - I like my pink! With 12 chinnie boys, I gotta get my girliness somewhere!
    why wont you come into chat....?

    you are ignoring me.. aren't you???? come back, and then avoid me.. oh, my heart.. my heart, it's breaking.......

    Haha I'm trying to figure out why you're moderated on my board. But yeah, char's a little screwy sometimes. Peggy does that too with the whisper thing
    No no no you don't! Was just saying you both had good reasons! *hugs* Get some pics up of the kiddos!
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