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    We had to help our last chinchilla cross the rainbow bridge. We are sad and in shock. The...

    We had to help our last chinchilla cross the rainbow bridge. We are sad and in shock. The grumpy ones are supposed to live forever. He was sweet in his own way. We are taking a break from chinchilla ownership for awhile. If one needs rescuing we are always up for saving an animal in need but...
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    Barking, Spraying Urine, Hiding

    Just trying to brainstorm and be helpful. Excessive grooming? Is she focusing on an area? If it's her private areas she's focusing on is there any signs of discharge or unusual wetness? Makes me wonder about pyrometria. (Uterine infection). My boy will act weird when he's scared and barking-...
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    Carrier floor

    Make sure it is very well washed fleece to increase absorbancy if you go that route. I had one that wasn't very absorbent and had a soaked chin at 1100 at night I had to try and take hair dryer to. Next time I'm using care fresh (which is what I use for his litter)
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    Moving (out of state) with chinchillas

    For my move day I lined the kennel with fleece. It did not go well. Urine did not absorb into it and my little guy was soaked by the time we got to our new place. He had spent longer than expected in it and my mother in law was watching him but didn't notice. Trying to take a hair dryer to your...
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    What's new?

    I lost my little lovebug Darwin a year ago and miss him very much. We still have our other rescue Shinobi. We've figured out how to pet him without messing up his fur-do and catch him cuddling his chin buddy every once in awhile. Things are going well enough. The flu is currently visiting so no...
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    Dramatic behavior change, fur pulling

    Hopefully the pictures work okay. I've never had a problem but I know they occur! The pictures are from when we first rescued him and we had many up's and down's with regards to his chewing. You'll see though- head and neck completely untouched because he can't reach and no bare spots-...
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    Dramatic behavior change, fur pulling

    I had an avid fur chewer and can say 100% that your pictures are not fur chewing, they are fur slips. So not self inflicted. There is no way a chin can chew it's own neck fur either. Also they don't leave evidence of fur around the cage. My boy liked to keep his fur short and always ended up...
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    Metal litter pan

    I use 8x8 baking pans. Have used glass and metal. Works just fine. No wire however. I haven't really looked for a corner baking pan yet but that would be my suggestion. I like the glass as it can't tip. My Shinobi is a bit ninja-ish in the cage.
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    Can humans get chins sick?

    Yes it is possible. Best to stay away. Feel better soon.
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    My chin made a strange new sound

    Mine make this noise to. I call it the squeaky door sound but it quite often rounds like a dog toy. It's called the contact call. They just want to know where you are and have some attention. It's nothing to worry about. Their scream of pain is similar to a rabbits- high pitched and shrill...
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    Worried!! Missing Fur

    I looked at the pic again and just to clarify it does look like he chewed his fur around it a tad and hard to tell if he pulled out hair or if it fell out but that's fairly common with wounds and makes it easier for you to clean and keep an eye on. Hopefully he isn't fussing over it too much. I...
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    Worried!! Missing Fur

    Oh and no more dust bath until healed. You don't want any getting into the wound bed. Would be irritating and cause an infection.
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    Worried!! Missing Fur

    Are your boy's sharing a cage? It looks like a bite wound to me. Fur chewing does not leave bald spots- it leaves a very jagged darker area of cropped fur. And if fur was pulled out it would not cause bleeding- chins slip their fur and it is rather painless. The wound itself looks too wet to me...
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    chinchillas in 4-H

    Sorry for the late reply. Most rabbits are carriers of a disease called Pasteurella, which is very deadly for chinchilla's. The rabbits won't necessarily display symptoms of it but could carry it and I believe it is airborne. It causes upper respiratory infections and can quickly lead to...
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    chinchillas in 4-H

    Chinchilla's in 4H wouldn't be any different than having them at a show and it would totally depend on the chinchilla how they tolerated. Obviously well breed, well handled, well socialized chins won't have any problems- happens to them all the time already. My fur-plucking rescue would not be a...