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    Quarentine cage redo!

    I decided to upgrade my chins from plastic shelves lined with fleece to a fully wooden cage. Was not cheap or particularly easy, but I love how it turned out and knowing they're safe makes it all worth it, my standard grey learnt how to unpick stitches which helped boost my decision along!!! I...
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    Kiln dried oak?

    So I want to remake the platforms in my chins' cage and have been trying to find safe wood... I was wondering is kiln dried oak safe? Thanks!!!
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    Squish Bonding. Best Method Or Cruel?

    I can see both sides, in my mind it seemed cruel and I wondered how anyone could do it... However, when I went to get my second boy, the breeder explained that they can just ignore each other if they're in separate cage and then will just fight when put together. I was very worried, but trusted...
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    A Couple Random Questions

    My boys are the same, before I got my second one... My boy loved his out of cage time and it was hard to get him back in. He seems happy enough now, I can only imagine that he's happy enough and getting enough exercise he doesn't feel the need to come out (:
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    Feeding with 2...

    So was just wondering how do people with 2 chins feed them but also make sure they are both eating healthy amounts... Should I feed them in different points of the cage? Or do I just let them eat out of each others bowls... They happily sit together and share 1 bowl
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    My boys

    Thank you! I'm a very happy chin-mum today
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    My boys

    So I got my second chin today 🎉 and with the help of the breeder, they are already together (I know this isn't advised) but they are so happy together and I was so worried they wouldn't get on! I just looked over to see them grooming each other already! :)
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    Just Double Checking..

    I think it would mainly depend on your chins as my chin chews anything and everything he can get his paws on! So I definitely wouldn't use it with him :)
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    Just Double Checking..

    I think a chinchilla will eat that and I doubt it's safe...but I don't know for sure
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    2nd chin!!!

    So I am going to get a brother for my 1 year old boy and was wondering whether the age gap matters. Would it be better to go for a slightly bigger age gap? I have the option of a 6month old chin or 9week old that has been with his mum
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    Bonding chins?

    Oh, also is it worth seeing if I can bring him to possibly meet any possible chinchillas to try the neutral area method or not?
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    Bonding chins?

    Thank you so much, also what about their personality? How do I know whether he'll get on with another chinchilla or is it mainly down to luck?
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    Bonding chins?

    So, I have one fluffy boy currently but am thinking about maybe getting another... What are tips and tricks with helping chinchillas bond? Also is there anyway to know if a chinchilla will likely not bond? Anything about bonding would help!
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    Are these safe??

    So I have recently bought this for my little man, I was wondering what these types of toys are made of and whether they're safe? Thanks :)
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    The Debate On Playtime

    I get my chinchilla out every day at the same sort of time and he knows that, I leave the lower door to his cage open the entire time. I aim for an hour but by about 45 minutes he goes to the top of his cage and stares at me until I feed him. The thing with my chinchilla, he will bark at me if I...