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    Breeding Bigger and Bigger Chins

    The problems that you sometimes see in the Cornish x Rock chickens (which are just crossbreds that do not reproduce their characteristics in further generations) is the fast growth. Cornish x Rocks grow extremely quickly and their physical issues are usually the result of their growth rate, not...
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    Fine-X Feeder

    Oxbow chin pellets won't fall through the bottom. They're no smaller than most rabbit pellets.
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    Should I??

    I wouldn't use a chin feed for gerbils. Scientific studies have shown that non-breeding adult gerbils, such as the ones you're considering, only need about 12% protein, and require 6-8% fat in their diet. Oxbow chin feed has something like 2.5% fat; not nearly enough. Go with a good...
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    Have a laugh!

    Strangely, "I like jam" became "Wedding" after 50. "My hovercraft is full of eels" became "I went Aerogliseur". Not only is it Frenglish, but aeroglisseur is misspelled. And no mention of Anguilliformes of any type. Disappointing.
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    Chinchilling Me Softely

    There's a country song called "Hillbilly Deluxe" that I sing as "Chinchilla Deluxe". (I think I got the idea from my chins' Oxbow feed.)
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    Whaaat is this?!

    It's a Japanese dwarf flying squirrel. I have that exact photo as my desktop background on one of my computers. :D (It's not 'shopped as far as I can tell.)
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    I felt like a bad Mommy

    Glad I have girls. :P
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    Looking for a bunny in central Virginia

    Good breeds for kids include American Fuzzy lop (long hair), Dutch (females tend to be better pets), French lop (very large), Havana, Himalayan (extremely gentle breed), Holland lop, Jersey Wooly (long hair), Mini lop, Mini Rex, Rex, and Thrianta. With the lops, males tend to make better pets...
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    Marans lay the prettiest eggs! I have several cuckoo marans and love them. Chickens are extremely addictive!!
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    HELP Rodent infestation

    The snap trap you saw was probably flipped over because of the force of the snap or a quick, reflexive thrash from the rat when it died. Warfarin (the active ingredient in D-Con) is an anticoagulant, which causes the rodent to hemorrhage and bleed to death internally; a slower and more painful...
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    Nutrena Naturewise

    That's absolutely not true. I've worked with GMO plants of various types and trust me, wild rabbits like those just as much as non-GMO plants. I'm sure most growers WISH they didn't!
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    Lethal Genes- bring on the experts!

    Rabbits aren't particularly closely related to chinchillas at all. They're in a completely different taxonomic order (Lagomorpha for rabbits, versus Rodentia for chinchillas). Anyway, I can't think of a coat color in rabbits that is considered lethal. The dwarf gene in rabbits is lethal, but...
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    It's a....

    Getting "busy" sooner wouldn't have changed when she ovulated though, since, you know, humans aren't induced ovulators.
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    It's a....

    You mean, if she'd ovulated a week earlier. ;) I hope all goes well!
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    "Just a Dog"

    That's not going to make me stop squishing mosquitoes. :P