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    Whos chins bang and pull on cage doors when wanting out???

    My chin rattles the cage with his hands and teeth and gets all bouncy and excited when my fiance is close to his cage. He really hates my fiance, he bites him every chance he gets. We have a rule now that he's not allowed closer than a foot near the cage or he stirs the chinchilla's bloodlust...
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    I've been lurking a long time, but when I saw this topic in the memorial section I said "Noooo..." I'm so sorry!!
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    My new addition

    Aw, I love piggies! I've had one a long time ago, I've been thinking for a while I might want another one. She's very cute!
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    dumbest thing your chin has ever done

    This thread is hilarious! I can't pick just one dumb thing Sebastian has done. The dumbest things would have to be diving headfirst into a wall, slamming himself against the bathroom mirror, sleeping and randomly falling off his shelf for no reason and making his high pitched "I am hurt" sound...
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    A couple growers did a fall photo shoot

    I made a loud "too cute" sound seeing these pics! OP, can I post pic 4 on my FB for Halloween with "Courtesy of Godins Chinchillas"?
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    questions from a very excited new mommy

    I have had my chin only a year and a half so I can understand there are many things you feel you need to know. This forum is excellent for any questions you may have. Personally starting out I recommend you have an accurate indoor thermometer to put near their cages, I got a nice digital one...
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    Mr. Snuggler, 3 month old v/c boy...

    What an adorable fluff nugget! He looks so cuddly.
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    Speech perception

    I think the only words my boy Sebastian knows are "Bastian" and "NO!" He responds to a kissy sound by touching noses with me. Also, I don't know HOW he knows, but he ALWAYS knows when I'm going to scoop him up for bath/playtime and kacks at me. He wants me to pet him all the time and he doesn't...
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    Trick or Treat

    Love the second pic! If looks could kill!
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    Tinkerbell says HI!

    She is beautiful! Her coloring is great.
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    Anything I can do?

    Thank you tunes. I hadn't seen any poop today that I was 100% sure was actually from today and not last night. We just got home and in the carrier were 5 poops. Does that mean everything is ok? I was all ready to rush to the e-vet if I hadn't seen the poop in the carrier.
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    Anything I can do?

    I am visiting my parents, and brought Sebastian in his travel cage. I laid my t-shirt on the bed to go color my hair, and my mom came in to make the bed. She put the t-shirt near the cage and he pulled it in and ate a hole in it about an inch in diameter. He seems quite friendly and lively this...
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    Delilah being cute

    Aw, I love the tiny T-rex arms!
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    Wow, that was embarrassing

    Thanks guys, I will take your comments into consideration. Sebastian does seem the friendliest when he's sleepy. Don't worry, he is totally fine. I think there is a reaction when something attacks you and latches on to flail and get it away. It happened to me years ago when one of my pet hermit...
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    8 Hour Car Ride

    I recently took Sebastian with me on a 6 hour car ride (each way) about 3 weeks ago in 90-degree weather. I kept the a/c up high the entire ride, and blocked the windows where sun was coming in on the seat. He was fine, but I wouldn't want to do it again in this weather unless there was another...