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    The "Am I Doing It Right" Thread

    Maggie sleeps on her side a lot. She never did it until we had her for a few months and she was comfortable with us so I'm pretty sure it just means they are comfortable with there surroundings. I put her food bowl as close to the top of the cage as possible so that she cannot sit on it and poop...
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    How much do chinchillas normally chew?

    Mine chews on her ledges and house too.... I thought that was normal?
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    Question about rats (not pets)

    Thank you. I am going to get moth balls tonight and put around outside of foundation until I get someone to block off holes.
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    Question about rats (not pets)

    Okay thanx for all the suggestions
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    My chin doesn't really chew...

    Do you leave the chews in her cage for her even though she tosses them to the side?! When Maggie wants a treat she will beg for one and if I give her a loofah or stick instead she takes it from me and throws it on the floor. So I'll just put it in her cage in her old wooden hay holder which i...
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    Question about rats (not pets)

    I have no access to ferret poop? Shouldn't they be afraid of my cats poop just as much of ferret poop? Because they are not. I had put the cat poop in basement and brought cat down with me and saw one a couple hours later. It is the only one that has been seen. It was a very dark brown and it...
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    Question about rats (not pets)

    Addicted- thank you for all of that info. I will use it. I heard it in the wall in the kitchen that has to be where the are getting in. I did ask someone to check for holes and was told there wasn't any. I am going to have to do it myself Tomorow.
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    Question about rats (not pets)

    I guess because the recent cold weather must be why they came in. But I would think they would leave after not getting food. I read that dog poop can attract them? I have a dog but his poop gets scooped up and my barrels all have covers on them. I feel helpless at this point. We put peanut...
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    Question about rats (not pets)

    I've tried everything while feeling very bad about trying to kill them lol. Sticky glue traps,poison,snap traps. They don't fall for any of it. I just don't understand it. And I don't know how the got into basement. Everything in my basement is now contaminated. I am having nightmares and...
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    Question about rats (not pets)

    No one has been thru this?!?!?!
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    Question about rats (not pets)

    Yes they did put out traps but nothing is catching them. They seem to be too smart. They ate the peanut butter and don't set off the traps.
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    My cat and dog are on frontline and it works
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    Question about rats (not pets)

    So last week something had gotten Into our cabinets and eaten our cereal and popped our juice boxes. We thought was a mouse until I discovered a couple poops and realized it had to be a rat because the poop was no tiny mouse poop. Well I was in my cellar tonight doing the laundry and I saw a...
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    Pictures :-)

    Okay thank you I will try it out
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    Thank you everyone for the sugestions