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  1. LuluLoops

    Chin vet?

    Anyone know of/recommend a decent vet who does chins, south east England near London? The vet that I have previously used has moved to a different branch and there has been no replacement. Thanks x
  2. LuluLoops

    Scared chin

    Smooshing seems to be one of those things that you either do or don’t. I’m sure it works well for some chins (otherwise it wouldn’t be a technique) but I think in this case it would cause more harm than good. I’m happy to play the waiting game. Thank you for your advice x
  3. LuluLoops

    Scared chin

    Thank you so much this is very helpful I definitely don’t want to try smooshing them together it feels very unfair. I have been trying to bond them for around a month and a half, with little success. I will keep them apart for the next few weeks and then start again very slowly and hopefully I...
  4. LuluLoops

    Scared chin

    So I have had Chin 1 (Pepper (F)) for around 3 years, she is a rescue so I have very little information about her - I assume she is between 5 and 8 years old. I bought Chin 2 (Scout (F)) because Pepper seemed a bit lonely. Since then I have tried to bond them with Neutral play zone/cage next to...
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    Pairing chins

    Not 100% sure that this is in the right place but I would quite like some advice. I have a single chin (rescue, I think she is between 5 and 7 years old) who I have had for three years. I think she Is a bit lonely and I want to get her a friend (also female) to pair up with her. I have been...