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    Thoughts on a second chinchilla.

    I also have a single chin named Lola and have thought of getting another chin for company for her. Lola is really well socialized and has bonded very well with us like your little guy. I thought about having to tend to two cages if I got another and they did not bond well. After a great deal...
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    litter pan?

    If it's the pan from Chin Things it's a great litter pan. I got mine from them and had to wait until they are back in stock. E-mail them to let them know you are interested in the litter pan and ask then to contact you when it is available. That's what I did.
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    First day home

    She is beautiful! Enjoy.
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    Should I get two new chinchillas?

    First and to you Dad and Brother about your idea. They should have a say in whether they want to be responsible for any additional chins as they are the caretakers. Your chins behavior may not be that he is lonley for a new friend but misses you. They have long term memory...
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    This is Mya :)

    She's beautiful. Congratulations. When Lola was dropped off with us she was in the same cage. We have since changed to the Critter Nation 2 story cage and swapped out all the plastic for wood. Just be careful with the plastic in the cage. When she starts chewing on it you will need to...
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    Shredded wheat for treats

    Organic will be on the box. The ingredients are natural with no perservatives. If the label has ingredients in it other than food item names then that you can't identify then it is not organic. The one I buy at Whole Foods is made from pesticide free wheat and has no perservatives. In Rhode...
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    Shredded wheat for treats

    Have you tried organic mini shredded wheat. I get them at Whole Foods but most markets have an organic section and this way you don't have to worry about perservatives. I give Lola 1 mini shredded wheat every couple of days. You can also switch it up with organic cheerios too.
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    Excessive scratching!!

    My Lola was a scratcher and it wasn't until I added herbs to her diet that she stopped. I know what how upsetting it is when you try different things and your little one still scratches. I got some great advice from an administrator on another forumn and I found her skin was dry not because...
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    Settling A Skittish Chinchilla?

    Congratulations on your new addition. I'm really glad he's settling in well for you. I have a 2 year old female named Lola that is very skittish in nature and does not tollerate change. She's friendly and loves to play but will under no circumstances be held. She loves to have her chin and...
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    A few questions that NEED answers!!!

    She is still very little and from what I understand (more experienced chin folks can chime in) that she should not be having out of cage time until 6 months old and then limit it to short periods of no more than 30 minutes. Food.....Timothy hay as much as needed (should always have a supply)...
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    peeing on shelves

    If he pees in certain spots you may want to put floor tile over the shelf so it is easier to clean up. If he's particular and pees in specific spots you may be able to litter box train him. Good Luck
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    Escape Chinchilla

    You do not want to put food or water outside the cage. If you leave the cage door open and a way for Chewie to get back in most of the time they will go back to the safety of their cage. Have you seen Chewie any where or heard him/her about?
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    My babies ^-^

    They are beautiful. How old are they?
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    Our new girl Milli

    What a beautiful little girl. Some of the more experienced members can advise you on how to bond the pair. There is a period you will need to keep them apart but I'm not sure of the time frame because I am a single chin owner. They are sweet creatures and as she bonds with you it will be...
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    Chinchillas favourite wood??

    Lola loves Dogwood branches and raspberry twigs. Apple & pear are another favorite but she loves the bark and thin twigs. She's not fond of the coins.