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    Green Poop

    You shouldn't give straight tap water to a chinchilla.
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    Sad chinchilla

    Sounds to me like he's lonely and bored. If you can try to give him more attention during the day, until he's at least a year old he shouldn't have very much out of cage playtime (young chins can overexert themselves easily) but if you can just sit with him more, pet him and such, and also give...
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    Chinchilla Barking

    Why are you so sure it's definitely not for attention? Everything you have said implies that it is. Bringing your chin to the vet or putting it through procedures because she's barking is just unnecessary stress on the poor thing.
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    Chinchilla Barking

    Chinchillas poop without having to push it out. They can push and strain if they are constipated, but if there's poop just "halfway out" of her then it's just working its way out. Chinchillas bark for all kinds of reasons, but from everything you said it sounds to me like she's just barking...
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    Getting A Chin?

    Chin's are not a pet you should buy on impulse. You need to do a boatload of research beforehand, and you shouldn't really buy a chinchilla (or any pet for that matter) from a pet store. Chinchillas require a lot of attention, a lot of toys, a lot of cleaning, etc. Also they have very strong...
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    Bella is a dusty girl!

    Another thing is that it might be the dust itself. I've always used the same dust for my guy but one time the store was out of it so I bought another brand. It stuck to him way worse than the usual stuff and took forever to come off, he was almost bright white for an hour after dust bathing...
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    Choking motion when syringe feeding

    Hey there, Does she REALLY like the critical care? She could be swallowing too fast if so, no matter how slowly you try and feed her.
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    cleaning chinchilla

    Baby wipes are probably your best bet.
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    Chinchilla not pooping

    He is constipated, there are a few things that could cause it and none of them are good or likely to resolve on their own. You have to see a vet ASAP. As in today.
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    High Pitch Squealing in Chinchillas?

    My guy does the exact same thing. Scared me so much the first few times. Goes absolutely wild for a few seconds or more, and then SCREAMS like he's dying. I rush over to his cage and he is just like "Oh hey, can I have some pets?" I've come to find with my Chin that it just means he wants...
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    Unexplained Weight loss

    Domesticated chins, and got that info from Wikipedia, though I only read the thumbnail when I posted. Deeper in the entry it does state that females can reach up to 800g, males up to 600g. I've only had males that are around 550g, so over 800g just sounds like a lot to me :P "Males typically...
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    Unexplained Weight loss

    That is a very strange weight. Long tailed chins tend to reach a maximum of ~600 grams, and short tailed chins tend to weight at LEAST 1100 grams. Do you know which she is? That said, if she's seeming to have more energy and her diet is the same, it's quite possible she's just been happier...
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    Considering a new cage

    The spacing is 1/2" on all surfaces, but there is a plastic pan that sits on the bottom of the cage and a plastic shelf. Those are what I wrap in fleece. My chin does pee on the fleece sometimes, but mostly in his litter, and so long as I change the litter every day and the fleece once a week...
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    Considering a new cage

    Hi Idgie. I don't know much about the FN, but I do have a critter nation and they are incredibly well made and sturdy cages, despite not being bolted together. The parts lock themselves in and there's no way for any pieces to fall off unless you take it apart piece by piece in order. The only...
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    I have a question about chinchillas being together

    If you get a female they will ABSOLUTELY have babies, no doubt about it. Introducing and homing chinchillas together is a long and complicated process with no guarantees. I recommend searching around the forums a little, there have been many topics about it posted here.