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    One red ear

    Yeah, looks like a hetero beige chinchilla. Same kind that I have but yeah it's normal heh. I noticed that with my Miki before and it's nothing to worry about. Usually always goes back to normal after some time anyway.
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    Rehoming Mosaic Female Chinchilla-FL Panhandle

    Aw, she's such a cutie. I would love to take her but I live in Texas and that might too long of a drive for either of us. Though for such a beautiful and cute chinnie I would be willing to help out in any way possible. I have a single female chinchilla who could probably use a buddy though i'm...
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    Chinchillas available

    Such cute and pretty little chins. I wish I could get another and it would be even better if mine could get along but I have no idea how she is with other chinchillas other than the one she was with when I got her but that was her son. That and I don't live in or near that area. I hope they can...
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    New Chinchilla Owner please help!

    Well if you want to then well just let her out for playtime and be sure to stay with her. You just need to let her walk over to you and on you so she can get more used to that and later see if she'll be willing to let you pick her up. If you want also there's this youtuber I like to watch called...
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    8 week old kit updated

    Good to know, i'm sure she'll enjoy them. I can't remember if the etsy shop had a good amount but if you want a few to try out then that shop is perfect. AZchins also has a good variety of treats and toys so you can also check that out sometime. Anyway i'm not too sure about the alfalfa but i'm...
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    New Chinchilla Owner please help!

    Aw, such a cutie~ She kind of reminds me of my own, just that my little Miki is lighter in color and some other things. She doesn't like to be directly be picked up either but she loves attention and will hop out of her cage if I sit near it with the door open though she also likes to run to the...
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    8 week old kit updated

    As the person above said, you could check out Pandamonium pets, she has a great shop and was very helpful and kind when I needed to ask about some things. I like to use azchins because she also has a great variety on treats, toys, and essentials for chins. I got mine a pound of rose hips...
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    Chins attempt to chew on my fingernails.

    It's nothing to worry about, my chinchilla loves to chew on my fingernails all the time and it probably doesn't help that I like to keep them long. And as the person above said, they will also chew other things. Mine also loves to do that but she loves my nails and clothing more than my hair and...
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    Websites for chin toys

    Well I use azchins, they have a good variety of toys, treats and necessities for chinchillas. You have to email her separately for shipping prices though and shop prices aren't so bad. I think it's definitely worth it though. My chinchilla has loved everything i've ordered her from there and...