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  • I have like 8 million things to tell you, you booger! Message, e-mail, something!
    It's ok. Just let me know when, cuz I still have your cake pan to give back too. It sucks you're not going to York though! And sorry to hear about your friend. I really dislike not getting notices that there's profile messages! *Goes off to change that*
    Lol it was pure luck that I looked and saw you were the newest member. York is April 18th? Whichever that Saturday is I believe. There's a thread (of course). Glad to see you made it back to us. Took ya long enough :p
    Wow Ash!! That was fast. Sorry to be MIA. Things have been crazy here with work. I don't even know when York is this year! I feel so not with it!!!!!
    JUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333 I've missed you! Are you going to York this year again? I still have your cake dish lol (and you my carrier :p )
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