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    Fried potato recipes

    Rosti: Most Amazing Potatoes EVER Ingredients: 6 large baking potatoes 1 tablespoon salt 3 1/2 ounces smoked bacon, thinly sliced vertically 3 1/2 ounces onion, diced 1 sprig thyme 3 1/2 ounces mushrooms, diced 2 tablespoons oil 2 ounces butter 6 slices...
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    Breeding white to white

    I have never implied anything negative about ranchers. I have nothing but the utmost respect for them and the knowledge they have gathered in the ensuing years since Chapman first brought chins to the US. And to INSINUATE otherwise is blatant lying. I have also never reposted anyone's pictures...
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    error messages

    I don't understand the reason for posting about error messages. If you bother to read any of the news on the forum, you know that they are making changes and working on it. Do you really think the powers that be don't know there are issues? Do you really think they aren't the FIRST notified when...
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    Breeding white to white

    That's true of any pregnancy. Fetal development can be disrupted by a number of things, not just a poor genetic code and not just poor genetic code from color. So all you've done is take a general breeding issue and applied it to a specific breeding situation without showing any documentation...
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    lax it up bro/sis either one

    Since chins need to be at 72 or lower and hedgehogs need to be at 75 or higher, how are they all watching TV with you?
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    I think I need help

    Why are they going to the vets?
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    I think I need help

    What point are you trying to make?
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    Prayers, Please.

    I'm so sorry, Sasha. Crossed quills and prayers for you and your family
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    A chin in need deserves me indeed.

    I thought you were getting married this month and moving out? So then why the renovations?
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    I think I need help

    If you're not breeding then why does it matter if your chins are quality?
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    What to do!?

    The chins you save will think it's worth it.
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    Why you should pick your "pets" carefully...

    Animals are not teeny tiny humans in fur coats. Until humans recognize that and accept that, things like this will continue to happen.
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    Any vets/techs: Question about dog poo.

    Sounds like a food intolerance. I had an Akita who had the exact same symtoms if he ate anything with beef in it. Try a fish and potato dog kibble. It's one of the more digestible diets.
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    Why not?
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    Anyone in Harrisburg? Or close?

    Widener itself is in a VERY nasty part of the town. It was one of the colleges we considered for my daughter and that was one of the reasons for our decision to not send her there. Call the local police department non-emergency number and ask them for suggestions for areas that are safer for...