I have never really cared to be a pet owner until a few years ago. I got a kitten who helped me deal with my reoccurring depression.

About a year ago I rescued a chinchilla whom I found severely neglected in a cage under a blanket in a basement. Evidently he was about 10 years old. How he survived I'll never know.

I intended to clean him up and find him a home but as I researched what chin's require it became apparent that wasn't going to find a stranger I trusted to take care of him how he deserved after such a hard life.

Over the next three months of building him an enclosure, finding him the right foods and lots and lots of talking to him he finally started trusting me. At around 5 months he leaned into my fingers so I could scratch his chin and ears and we were officially in love.

He's my boy, my old man.
Sioux City, IA
United States