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    Welcome Krissy! You’ll find tons of information here. 🙂
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    post anesthesia question

    That sounds normal post-anesthesia. As mentioned above, this will get better with time and dust baths.
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    Heat treated pine shaving safe for chinchillas?

    It may be kiln dried, but is definitely hard to tell from the description. Can you contact the seller and ask the question?
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    Should I get my chinchilla a friend?

    I, personally, have not had good luck pairing chins. I have all males. I have seen chins paired successfully, so I know it can be done. It certainly is nice for them to have a buddy, but is not required. Caring for 2 chinchillas is similar to caring for 1 (in the same cage). Do you have the...
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    Please help

    I have one chin that came from a bad situation and hates being handled. Over time, he has made some improvements. Hang in there. Things should get better with time and persistence.
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    Constipation Remedies?

    If your chin is pooping regularly, even if small, you can probably wait until your scheduled vet appointment. If the frequency of poo is decreasing, I would bring him in earlier.
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    Chinchilla bald patch above eye?

    I would not mix in a juice. The sugar in the juice could mess with their gut as well.
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    Chinchilla bald patch above eye?

    I always force feed Critical Care when a chin loses his appetite. Particularly when I notice they are pooping a lot less frequently or their poos are smaller than normal. It’s not pleasant, but it assures their gut keeps moving.
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    Spirit of Xmas but someone can help with the happy ending

    I have 2 chins that get semi regular tooth trimmings. The vet always prescribes pain meds, antibiotics and metoclopramide (an appetite stimulant). I would request the latter. Baytril can be hard on their tummies, causing him not to eat. He also could have some discomfort even though the material...
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    Wasteful Chins

    They are wasteful and messy little creatures. It’s hard to monitor their hay consumption. I feed twice per day and give small amounts at a time. Most of it ends up on the floor of the cage anyway. As long as they poo normally, all is well. If you are worried about them chewing and wearing their...
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    My chin can't eat. I need help!

    How is your chin doing Carina?
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    Chinnie Cuddles

    They are very sweet. ❤️
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    Carrier floor

    Yes, I fold up a fleece liner. It does the job nicely.
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    Welcome, Javi is a cutie pie!
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    Welcome! All chins are different size-wise for sure. My chins range from 600- 850 grams. (I have 12.) :)