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    Chinchilla with URI

    It sounds like you’ve got things covered. In my experience with URIs, they do take a while to clear.
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    New chin mom from Pa

    Welcome. They are adorable girls- pictures are always welcome here! :)
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    How to help a chinchilla in mourning?

    I think those are the best ideas. Just keep an eye on her and see how she does for now. I have found the chinnie buddies to be useful. Most of my guys have them.
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    Kumo the chinchilla. Good-bye, buddy.

    I'm sorry for your loss. RIP beautiful boy.
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    New chubby chonker unit: Gus Gus

    Adorable! Congrats!
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    Fur slip during introductions

    Yay! Good luck, I hope things continue to go well.
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    Shedding? Fur slipping? :/

    I have two chins that are fur chewers. One of them seems to give himself a trim (i.e.- the fur is shortened and he doesn't typically have bald spots, the other chin looks like he has a ring around his head/shoulder area and the fur is totally missing. Does your chin seem fine other than the fur...
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    Triple Ferret Nation Cages

    Yep, the more space, the better for these guys.
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    Chin behaviour changes with age?

    Agreed, hand feedings stink, but they will get over it.
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    Chin sounds like coughing

    Chins may cough and rub their noses right after a dust bath. Is it a “Sneezing/barking” kind of noise? Is there any discharge coming out of his nose or eyes?
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    ears down

    I am not sure that having their ears down is necessarily indicative of illness. Mine tend to have theirs down when sleepy. I have had a few chins with dental issues and they typically paw at the mouth, have dampness under the chin (drool), or weight loss and small poos. If there is any...
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    New oxbow Critical Care Formula Issues

    As with all brands of food, some chins will like it, some chins won’t. I have used Mazuri in the past with some success. Currently, I feed Purina Rabbit Chow Show, which is available in the size I need and is more economical than Oxbow and Mazuri. Whichever New food you choose, make sure to...
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    Hello new Chin owner

    Welcome! I would look through the forum- there is a lot of helpful information here (and many cute pics)!
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    Just a cute picture.

    Cute pictures are always appreciated! 🙂
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    Making new shelves for cage: help!

    I would use kiln dried pine for shelving. It’s easily accessible from Home Depot type stores. Some stores will cut it to the size you want it.