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    Bald Belly Hedgie

    hmmm I would take her into the vet then just to find out whats going on. Something minor could easily turn into life threatening if not treated.
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    Potentially Rehoming a Chinchilla CONCERNS

    If I were you I'd sweep that baby up in a heart beat! I rescued my chinchilla last year. She was 2 years old, lived in a hamster cage, had poor quality food, no toys, no exercise, was being fed rabbit treats, no human interaction and was placed in the garage....we live in gets above...
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    Taming my chins

    How much time do you spend with them? Personally I'd sit next to their cage and talk to them. Do this for about a week and then try to feed them. When feeding them start with treats and give them a treat but dont pet them. Do this for a week and see if they start to get comfortable with you...
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    Bald Belly Hedgie

    From what I know it could be from a mixture of things...unfortunately all need to be consulted by a vet. It could be as simple as a nutrient deficiency, to mites, to some even say ringworm. Check if she is loosing quills as well if so its probably mites.
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    New noise

    i dont see any recordings attacked
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    The time you knew your chinnie liked you <3

    I rescued my chin from a girl who saw that he was living in some guys garage, in a hamster cage, limited hay, no exercise, no human interaction, and only the plastic cage to chew on. She immediately talked to the owners and ended up going home with a chinchilla. (her name was Duma at the time)...
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    Chin cage feedback

    Wow didn't realize liners weren't too expensive! The ones I got now were like 200$!. I will defiantly buy these!
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    chins for sale

    where are you located?
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    Chin cage feedback

    is there a place you can reccomend for liners? These cost me a fortune and they were supposed to cover the plastic. I dont have too much money at the moment but if its nots to terrible I may be able to afford a new liner set
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    Safe Materials

    Does anyone know a complete list of safe woods and materials to give to chinchillas??
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    Chin cage feedback

    I have had Roo for about a year now and her cage went from a very simple critter nation with just a few toys and 1 hut to what I have now. There are several ledges with ALOT if toys and several huts as well. I only want the best for her and want to create the best environment. I have...
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    Question about wooden ledges for cage

    I'd also reccomend AZ chinchillas. I order all my ledges from her and she is great. Wonderful costumer service
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    What's new?

    Yeah diet is very confusing and can also be controversial. I would recommend feeding them that blend. It's variety and gives different textures and tastes they can enjoy but since it's blended its not a sudden change. If you do that blend I wouldn't mix up the hay after that. Personally I would...
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    What's new?

    Another thing you should think about is too much variety. If you switch from hay to hay to hay it can confused their digestive system and the sudden changes and cause upset stomach. Like if you were to change food you would do it very gradually so they don't get sick and have their digestive...
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    What's new?

    Oh know orchard grass is ok for sure. On the back of the packages they tell you the texture and flavor of each hay. Ideally you don't wants something too soft and sweet. Sweetness because of the sugar count and softness because the hay is supposed to trim down their back teeth. Here is a link to...
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