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    What gender is my chinchilla?

    Pretty sure it is a female, there is no visible gap.
  2. Chin-ma

    Bonded Chinchillas fighting

    It is normal for chinchillas to have a little fight once in awhile(over some space or piece of food). As long as no parts on them are missing(noses, toes, ears) you are good. As of prevention i find running helpfull. Just let them run and blow some stem off regularly and they tend not to argue...
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    Help!!!! Unexpected Chinchilla Pregnancy

    Separate the male from the female to avoid any mating, they can get pregnant second time easily after giving birth. Watch out for any signs of aggresions towards the baby. Its very uncommon for chinchillas to give birth to only one young, i would expect her to have another one soon, if not check...
  4. Chin-ma

    Chinchilla-Houdini edition

    Well thats interesting individual, shes very cocky when in her cage, becomes a real sweetheart when being hold. Shes camerashy though, thats probably why she hid or maybe due to some noise, dont remember really as it was quite some time ago.😀
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    How happy are your Chinchillas?

    Thats cute, one of my chinchilas likes to sleep hanging on the cage bars hooked up by his teeth, very similar to yours, i guess its particulary tasty...🙂
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    Chinchilla-Houdini edition

    No, thats one of the females, she 9 yo this year, still cocky though.
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    How happy are your Chinchillas?

    I would like to say he is the one i connected with the most, so we have plenty interactions. He is the smartest one, takes up new tricks in seconds, has lots of temper and energy. My personal favourite😍
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    Viktor.. sleeps a little strange..

    My male chinchillas sleep like that all the time, nothing wrong with that (been on few check ups since they were babies) they can be just weird sometimes. I even named some of those weird sleeping poses. They can be really creative with getting comfortable in some contained spaces.
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    Do you have chin gender preference?

    I have 3 males and 3 females, and i tell you what my males are sweethearts while the females are just mean as heck. Don't know why really, couse i really try to treat and train them the same, but i keep males and females separete, not wanting them to breed. I guess its due to females dominant...
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    Chinchilla-Houdini edition

    Would like to see some of your chinchillas best escapes/hiding spots. Share the backstories please. A bit to start it. I have taken my chinchilla outside to chill on a hammock, catch some sunlight. It didn't seem to be interested in the views though. 1. When we sat down. 2. Where did it go?
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    How happy are your Chinchillas?

    I'd like to share a photos of Bruce on our daily treats routine. 1. Bruce hoping to get a treat 2.When i tell him he can not have a treat 3. When i tell him he can have one and show it to him. Hope you enjoyed his cute face
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    Hello there, My husband introduced me to chinchillas when we first met 5 years ago and now i would like to introduce to you my 6- membered chinchilla gang. Its 3 males and 3 females (gotta be balanced), 3 standard greys and 3 blacks. The names are: Females- Tosia, Mika, Kida. Males- Midas...