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    2 Males need a home in Georgia

    Are you still looking to rehome?
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    Giving away chinchilla wheel

    Hi, I am so sorry to hear of her passing ❤️ My one boy passed at 18 and it was more devastating than when I lost my dog. I would be happy to give the wheel a home if it’s still available. I just got my first chinchilla in almost 10 years. Be blessed.
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    Is It Worth It?

    I trained her to pee in it and she basically taught herself to 💩 In there too lol we usually only get about 10 pieces or so daily scattered around the cage-usually in her sleeping box. But I also started with the litter box the first day I got her and took her droppings and moved them into the...
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    Is It Worth It?

    I have my girl litter trained and it was the best thing I ever did 🙌 she sometimes poops outside of the pan, but Always pees in it and majority of the time poops in it as well. No major scrubbing of the cage is needed anymore and or regular cleaning just consists of emptying and rinsing out the...
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    Trust me, completely understand! My husband and I were only dating two weeks when we found out we were pregnant with our daughter(now 4 years old) 😂 lol No babies being born in this house (of either skin or fur LOL) I appreciate you looking out though :)
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    Not yet, but will be before we find a cage-mate. Have already spoken to our vet reguarding it :)
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    Hey y’all! I am located outside of Atlanta, Georgia and am looking for a chinchilla to be a cage mate for my female. Color isn’t important, we would just love for her to have a friend ❤ Thanks in advance! -Ashley
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    The time you knew your chinnie liked you <3

    On the car ride home when I let her out of her crate and she just jumped up me and snuggled into my neck for the 30min car ride home and let me pet her behind her ear ❤️
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    Baby boy chinchilla up for adoption!

    Hi, is he still available? I currently have a single female and am in Atlanta Ga, but would be willing to travel. Please let me know, thank you :)