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    adorable, she looks great!
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    greasy-looking fur

    About once every week just like the others :)) Sometimes a little bit more or less
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    greasy-looking fur

    My chin Ralphy is around 7 years old. Ralphy is 800 g and eats like a pig, and is in great health with the exception of cataracts in his left eye without complication per vet. His fur really is greasy looking. His skin is okay, but his fur looks like he's been handled a ton without a bath. I...
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    Eating BUT losing weight

    Crazy, my chin is having this issue too. I'll def get her tested for stuff these members mentioned.
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    Chin is losing weight

    Hey all, my little rescue girl Bella is losing weight. She's lost about 30 grams. She's decently chunky but her weight drop has been consistant. She still eats a lot, which is the weird thing. I don't think her eating habits have changed at all, and her feed (Mazuri) hasn't either. Her poops...
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    Meet Lupin

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    Bad fur?

    Your chin looks a little like my Furby, as far as fur quality. Furby is a fur chewer. He kinda gnaws on patches of his fur. I can't seem to break him of the habit, but from what I understand, make sure your chin has enough chew toys like pumice or wood to chew on! otherwise, if there are patches...
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    Has anyone ever gotten a "free" chinchilla?

    Ah one of mine was 10 bucks at a yard sale, but magyk is right.. No animal is free, ESP when you have to pay a butt ton to nurse it back to health
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    How much is too much?

    Usually when I feed the chinchillas daily, they eat about 3/4 of their food and I give the, new food at the end of the day. Well, every time I turn around hebe and Waldo's food bowls are empty. Or they're eating. I remember reading that their bowls should be filled constantly but I can't...
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    Daenerys Darkens!

    Omg she's adorable
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    A Scary Incident

    LMAO you're probably right. Ralphy would. And thank you guys, the support means a lot. Given the fact that the robbery a month ago produced no leads, I'm not optimistic. But I want to cruise through the pawn shops and see what I can find. Ugh.
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    A Scary Incident

    I hope so, cuddlebug. That woulda shown them!! I will definitely keep an eye on them when I get home. My roomie is going to check on them before she crashes tonight and tomorrow until I get home. I told her what to look for, but so far, she's had them out to play in the chin room and such and...
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    A Scary Incident

    Gus was boarding, since I was on vacation :( otherwise the intruders would not have made it past the doorstep.
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    A Scary Incident

    Thanks, it would have been scary but I can't imagine anyone advancing onto my property with a 106 lb doberman coming at them. I'm just sad I wasn't there for the chins, I bet they were freaked out! And uggghhhh I'm so mad they got out haha. I'm so happy they're all okay though. I miss them :))