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    Does your chillas have pets?

    I don't have a pic, but it's a true story
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    Spot on Chinnie Nose?

    I seems like just a freckle, take a moist wipe and if it doesn't easily come off it's fine
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    Does your chillas have pets?

    Years ago, before I knew better, my chin Chloe and huge bunny named Dice lived in a huge cage together. They loved each other.....She loved riding on his back and spent most of her time there. We put a food and water station at the right height, he would take her there and she ate while riding...
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    Strangest Purchase you made for chins

    Love the answers! I love telling the fabric store people what I'm making with all the fleece. And I have to be very descriptive when calling people about buying a bale of hay. I have to take the truck, and it'll cost about $10 just for gas so I don't want a wasted trip. I tell them I want a...
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    2012 ECBC Greater Western Branch Show Eugene, Oregon

    Are you planning on having another show this year? If so, where and when? I might be in the area this time.
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    Friend lost house to fire today. This is scary and very important to read!!

    Thank you for the warning. I want to add that years ago we had a chest freezer in a spare bedroom, we went away for a few days and when we came back there was a terrible burning/hot smell we traced to the freezer. For some reason a pillow was laying against the vent, we were lucky we got home...
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    A single and a family of 4..been fixed

    CHINCHILLA'S (930 S.E.STEPHENS) The Umpqua Valley Humane Society has 5 Chinchilla's in their thrift shoppe now and they are looking for a new home. There is a small adoption fee and you will need a cage for them also. Any questions stop by or call 541-672-5240 Near Roseburg Oregon
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    Using metal sheet as base...??

    I have thought about that. I'm sure it's razor sharp, but I was thinking what if you put a wooden frame along all 4 sides
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    Ups and Downs of Breeding Chinchillas

    How are Mom and kit now? They are both miracles!
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    Quinn- jaw tumor

    So sorry to hear this. He is such a good boy
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    2013 West Coast MCBA Show

    Here is a link to the hotel and a link with a map and directions. There is a part of the hotel right next to the chin show room, worth asking to get one of those rooms