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    How long have you been a chin_parent?

    Happy pet only owner (and rescuer) since 2007.
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    Rasta's Story

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    How long did it take for your chin to warm up to you?

    I can't actually answer the poll because my chins are weird. CrashIntoMe needed a couple of weeks. That's normal. Could YouBeLove chose me the second I stuck my finger in the cage, so there's no time frame in the poll short enough for "Picked me the instant he saw me". Champagne Supernova...
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    cats and chins playing together

    Giardia: What it does to humans-- All it takes is one dingleberry. I love my pets, so that's not a risk I'm...
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    Our kitty has a rare type of cancer

    I'll send Reiki for her. If you haven't already, you may want to look into feeding/adding raw to keep her eating longer:
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    Need help with new kit's gender

    That'd be a boy.
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    dear world, I am running away

    So I read this out loud with no preamble whatsoever to my Other Half, who is a bit of a germaphobe. The shock when we got to line 3? PRICELESS. :D
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    How do you guys clean wood shavings and hay off of everything?

    Take it outside and shake the ****e out of it, then toss it in the washer w/ white vinegar and tumble dry.
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    New me set up this FN please?!

    I use ^ that method, but since my cage is tiled I'm able to stuff a piece of 1x6 and a piece of 2x4 under the support and it stays nice and still and nice and quiet since the cage is in my bedroom. :)
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    Grooming my eyelashes and giving kisses!

    Crash likes to groom my eyebrows and sometimes the tip of my nose. YouBe grooms my finger, and when he's satisfied that it's clean enough, he tucks it up against his tummy and cuddles it. Champagne Supernova kind of hates me, but he will hold onto my finger if I hide treats in my hand for him to...
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    A hay comparison (Please Read)

    If I can get Standlee it's already mostly fines. I've had the best luck with local alpaca and goat farms. $5/bale? Sounds good to me. :D And the boys like that there are clovers in it here and there.
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    How do you teach a chin to run on a flying saucer?

    1. Install wheel. 2. Hold treat next to wheel. 3. When the chin tries to get the treat, back it up just a smidge. The chin will walk, the wheel will turn, and they'll realize "Hey, so that was kinda cool."
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    Hello from Buffalo, NY!

    Humble Acres = ChinsnDobermans. :)
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    Hello from Buffalo, NY!

    Dee @ ChinsnDobermans has a number of new babies and yearlings down here in Allegany county. There might be a good fit in her herd.
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    You Know You're A Chinchilla Owner When... strike up conversations with local alpaca farmers or horse people searching out the best possible sources of cheap hay. ($5 bale? Sounds good to me!)