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Old 08-27-2019, 10:23 AM United States
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Exclamation Chinchilla with glaucoma?! ANY SUGGESTIONS APPRECIATED


My 6-year-old chinchilla just got diagnosed with glaucoma. He is totally blind in his left eye and will require eyedrops/ an eye lubricant for the rest of his life. Does anyone have any experience with a chinchilla with glaucoma? I know it is extremely rare, my vet has never seen it before in a chinchilla and she sees chins fairly often. She said there isn't much medical research on it either. Has anyone had to give their chins eyedrops? I feel SO bad every time I do it, he runs away from me when he sees me come with a shirt (to wrap him up in) Any suggestions on ways to give them eyedrops without making it too stressful or should I just accept that it'll stress him out regardless?
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Old 10-12-2019, 11:18 PM United States
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I just actually logged in to research this myself lol. My chin's eye is bulging from his head. No one can seem to figure out what the cause is. Took x-rays - nothing shown besides his dental disease which he's had for years. Tried a course of antibiotics for a possible abscess - no help. Took an eye pressure test, and like yours, the only possible diagnosis is glaucoma. The veterinarian I work for said she looked it up when she got home and informed me that there is no data to even tell what a normal range is. They base it off of the reading from the other eye. I was debating about going to get a second opinion from a specialist. I hate seeing my baby keep losing weight and not having any concrete answers. I hope you can figure it out. My kid's a fattie lil pig so he's pretty over getting medicated as long as he gets a treat afterwards.
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