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Chin New Owner Questions If you are a new chin owner, this is the forum for you!

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Old 11-07-2018, 11:43 AM United States
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Default Angry chinchilla wants to chew on unhealthy object

Hello, a few days ago my 6.5 month old male chinchilla managed to reach the foam filler in between the wood. I continued to place my hand where he was attempting to chew, gently moving his face away. He was evidently annoyed, barking and making interesting noises. I'd rather live with an angry, healthy chinchilla than a sick one, so I continued to place my hand on it until he eventually gave up. There were plenty of chewing sticks around the room. The next morning he was loving and playful as usual, but how can I avoid situations like this in the future?
Thank you
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Old 11-07-2018, 12:19 PM Canada
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It's up to you to make sure the chin is always in a chin proofed area. So when he is out of the cage you need to make sure you chin proof the room or at least the part of it where he is playing. You can buy play pens, just make sure the bar spacing is 1" or less, or you can make a pen using cardboard boxes. You can even use the wire pen or cardboard to just fence off areas that are unsafe.

Chinchillas need to chew all the time, so they are always going to try to find something new to chew on, it's up to to make sure they can't access anything unsafe. You can't really train then not to chew on something, if it's enjoyable to chew they just learn to chew it when you aren't looking. The foam for example is probably fun/interesting to chew, since he likes that, try giving him some different types of shredding toys. You can even fill small paper bags with hay and treats for him to have to pull and tear apart. My guys also enjoy sola ball toys, it's a foam like texture plant material.
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