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Chin Housing & Supplies Anything to do with the housing & supplies of a chinchilla - post it here!

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Old 04-01-2016, 03:12 PM United States
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Default Pervue Hendryx 490 Corner Cage

Hey all,

I'm an old timer from the early days of the forum, back to pick the collective brain of you awesome chinchilla lovers. You can see my back story here, but the relevant information is I have two senior-ish chins who have had the same three-tier Ferret Nation cage for a loooooooong time. A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. They're in two separate sections, with the third used for storage, and after so much time the cage has seen an understandable amount of wear. (I will say that I fully believe I got my money's worth and then some out of both the cage components AND the bass pans I've had since I switched to a FN many years ago).

I was cruising Amazon (like ya do) and came across this thing: The Prevue Hendryx 490 Corner Cage.

I searched the forum and the internet at large for more detailed information about it, ideally some reviews that compare it alongside the FN, but have come up relatively dry. Some reddit info, some useful Amazon comments, but largely nothing compelling to justify spending so much more on this cage than a new FN on sale.

Here's where I'm stuck: The cage I've used forever and swear by is the FN 142 (and 143). These are discontinued in favor of what I hear is a snap-together version? The 182 and 183. I've found about as much "142 vs 182" comparison info as I've found between Ferret Nation cages and the Hendryx 490. I just don't know which way to go. The corner design is very elegant, and with two side by side they could be very fun vertical space for my separated boys. But the limited access through the small doors would be a huge adjustment, considering how accustomed I am to having full-front cage access for cleaning and hanging wheels.

Is it true that the newer FN cages have structural issues? I've heard horror stories about the ceiling grate coming loose and falling through the cage. But the Hendryx is no clear winner either as I've seen reviews that the latest version of it has large gaps around the lower pan.

I just can't figure out what to do, and my FN142 is slowly falling apart.

Little help?

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Old 04-01-2016, 07:16 PM Canada
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I only have a FN 182 so can only give personal insight/experience on that one, but...

I haven't heard any stories of the ceiling falling in on the 182s, I have several things hanging from the ceiling grate, it moves slightly if I pull on it (which it should since it should be removable to add an addition) but isn't going to pop out unless it's bent, so don't put heavy objects on top of the cage and you should be fine. The only real difference between the old cage model and the new is that the 142 screws together and the 182 snaps together, so basically were there was screws before those places now snap together. It can be a bit less structurally sound when moving apparently since it's not screwed together (I have had no issues), I have heard of people having an issue when moving it of the top and bottom units not wanting to stay together from point a to point b, like if moving up stairs or down, but is fine once it is just sitting there. It says no tools required, but for most a rubber mallet or hammer is needed to get the pieces to fit in the holes sometimes when assembling it. I've had my FN 182 for about 5 or 6 years and beyond the slight annoyance of putting it together when I first got it I have had no issues. Ive also move it from one side of the house to the other, with slight level changes which required lifting the cage and nothing fell apart.
The Ferret Nation, and the newer one, the Critter Nation, are currently considered the best cages available that can be bought in pet stores right now for chinchillas.

Personally the small doors on the corner cage would be annoying to me, I love being able to get in and out of the cage and move things without needing to contort myself to do so. I would think that cleaning would be a lot harder too. The cages I had growing up all had small doors, now having a FN I don't want to go back, lol. The metal grate on the floor is another issue, it would have to be removed or covered to avoid injuries, I'm guessing that is what you are talking about the gap. Also, I don't know about this cage but another one made by Prevue Hendryx, the Feisty Ferret cage, which looks very much like the FN, tends to rust much quicker then the FN cage. So it's possible they don't have as much coating or as strong of coating on the bars and metal of their cages as Midwest does on the FN and CN cages.
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Old 04-05-2016, 05:05 PM United Kingdom
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It's a nice, different looking cage for sure but I wouldn't have it over a FN/CN. To start with, the doors look a real pain. After being used to the great access the FN offers those small restrictive doors would drive me crazy! They'd almost certainly add to clean out time too as it'd be much harder to remove everything or get in and have a good sweep down.

But door aside, the main reason I wouldn't have it is because it's more cost than a FN/CN for less space! The measurements are practically the same as a FN/CN but those are going to only be for the widest points meaning you are going to loose a lot of space where the front curves around and the cage isn't as big as you think. There's a reason small animal cages are oblong (rectangle) shaped - they work better space wise and ease of use. Round or half round cages look nice but their not very practical.
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Old 09-05-2019, 04:32 AM United States
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This Prevue Hendryx Ferret cage review might help you a lot.
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